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Organic Pipeline

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The Sound:The sound we try to achieve is as far away from the usual as possible without being so far off that no one likes it. We expect both, people who really like it and those who will really spank us. We hope we will get some respect from some people. The experiment continues! And we are having fun.

Try to sort us into a category like Industrial, Metal, etc., and it will fail mostly. RI is emotion made into music - and whatever we feel is best to do the transformation of emotion into music is the style we chose. To not make it too diverse on one CD in the future we will sort them a bit - but do not expect that when you like one CD you like the others. They will all be very different. Anyhow, to give the style a name: RI's style is machine electronics! Just got the idea on where the most beloved discussion is the definition of industrial etc. - lol.

The Message: Yes, most of our stuff does have a message. Contents vary from melancholic self-analysis to agressive shouting against what we feel is not just. The world right now does look pretty depressive and scary. Our music content deals with social issues and will not be liked by all. But we do not reserve the right to have the last word and we do not think that we are always right. Many songs are quite provocative because we do want to trigger a reaction, an emotional response. For example the song NASTY on the new CD can be understood in two ways: either you take the exaggeration serious or you take the song for what it is, a description of the sexual desires of many. We do believe more in love but one has to acknowledge that there is a serious amount of XXX material on the web. So there must be people WHO LIKE IT NASTY. Indeed. Some humor is required too. We sing against what we do not like: hate, hypocratism, violence, war etc. etc. We sing in favour of what we like: love, hope, nature, peace. Who want's to missunderstand us has plenty of material available.

Feedback: Since you are already reading this, why not leaving a note at our message board? We love feed back. If you want to stay in touch, please sign on to our mailing list. On occasion we might need the help of our friends.

Why this name?
Happened in a night having some beers - the two founding members decided to each add something to the name, I believe the Random part stems from me (but its hard to remember because there was a lot of beer involved....). Life really is insulting us randomly...time to get back.
Do you play live?
There is no audience for our music here - so why wasting the time.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Massive! Nearly no one would even know that we make music without the internet!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think so.
Band History:
RI Full Releases (CDRs):
2004 - Black Sheep - Demo (not available anymore)
2004 - Random Insults - Statue Records
2005 - Songs for Robots - Roil Noise - 10 tracks - the not so serious release (IDM glitch stuff) - ca. 37 min
2005 - Mental - Roil Noise
2006 - Wir siegen wieder, ja, ja...... - Roil Noise

RI Full On-Line Releases (320 mp3):
2005 - Mental - Full Release - Roil Noise - 17 tracks - the serious release of 2005 (harsh and heavy) - ca. 75 min

Online Compilations:
2005 - Tadapilation Vol. III - Tada Records - Planet X
2005 - Tadapilation Vol. V - Tada Records - Dance on the Volcano

Compilations (CDRs):
2005 - Industrial Terror - 01 - Roil Noise (Europe distro Organic Pipeline)- Drowning in Noise, Claustrophobic, Raped Mind

2006 - Fossil Species - Roil Noise - Brainsurgery
2005 - Noisy Moron - Compilation - Absalom Records
Your influences?
We are rarely influenced but we try to influence others :P
Anything else...?
Well, I hope you like the tracks we made. We are really trying to do something different - sometimes it might fail, but where there is no experiment and failure there will be nothing new. Love to our fans.

We have an account at Hellwire now:

Special thanks for this to our friend in Australia who hosts songs for us! Please visit Nimheil and listen to some really good industrial music! Please support him at and here at soundclick.

Love to our friends at soundclick too:

Creative Electronic Music:
Alien Dream
Pardaig - a real cyberfriend of RI
Ghoul Detail
Leonardo Taglialavore

Friends of EBM/Industrial Music:
Ruud from the Netherlands has created a very nice site featuring many EBM/Industrial acts at EBM . Thanks man!

Some charts info (top positions):

Crown of Evolution: #1 in Metal (1 week) and #1 in Industrial Metal (months)
The News: #1 in Electronica:Industrial
Drowning in Noise: #2 in Electronica:Noise
Tanz Mit Mir: #2 in Electronica:IDM
War: #1 in Electronica:Electronica and #7 in Electronica
Nearly all other songs were at the one or other point in the top 10 in sub-genres.
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