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'Perfection' - G-Eazy x Chris Brown (Hip-Hop, R&B)
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  BambuleteHatDenBlues
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play hi-fi  Moench&NonneBambulete
play hi-fi  FliegenBambulete
play hi-fi  WindbeutelBambulete
play hi-fi  BambuletePop
play hi-fi  BambuleteSchuft
play hi-fi  BambuleteZaehnelos
play hi-fi  MeinerAnsichtNachBambulete
play hi-fi  FraeuleinBambulete
Bambulete is a percussion group (d, perc, computer, non-tonal Mhdb standards, Free Jazz, etc., Mhdb = ... = Kassel, Germany

German lead & backing vocals, lotus flute, wood blocks & timpani, agogo bells & taiko drums, birds & synthetic drums, drums
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