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- 10 000 Commercial Copies Distributed allowed
- 5 Commercial uses (Album/Radio etc)
- must be credited
- can resell the beat

Delivery Information
- HQ WAV full untagged mix
- Please allow up to 12-24hrs for the delivery of the beat to your PayPal email when using the manual purchase button, OR use the instant store for immediate links to download beats to your buying email

- Unlimited Copies Distributed
- Unlimited Use for For&Non-Profit
- must be credited
- will not sell the beat anymore
- Questions: contact us via email

Delivery Information
- HQ 24bit WAV file full mix along with trackouts
- In some cases please allow up to 24hrs for delivery

- No Profitable Use allowed
- Unlimited non-profit use
- must be credited
- Includes the $0.50-$0.99 downloads from soundclick and the instant store above

Lease or Buy Beats Online unless you want them to be TAGGED!

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Screw mainstream music, NOBODY plays around with this type of style! #Originality , #NOSAMPLES . , lease HQ untagged WAV for $9.99 only!
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Song by TpT , beat by Pixel from team. Song is available on spotify! (here the quality is lowered and twisted a little )
A SoundClick Top 20 song
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by Pixel from , vocals by JC of The Finest , NO SAMPLES, for exclusive rights, lease untagged HQ mp3 for just $9.99 !
A SoundClick Top 50 song
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