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David Elon Preston
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play hi-fi  All Day Long
play hi-fi  Lucky
play hi-fi  Wouldn't It Be Cool
play hi-fi  Papa's Car
play hi-fi  Tonight
play hi-fi  The St. Patrick's Day Blues
play hi-fi  Surrender
play hi-fi  In My Fantasy Life
play hi-fi  Leonard Wood
play hi-fi  Away
Dave Preston is a songwriter from Western New York State. When not performing solo he plays his guitar for the wee set at local child care centers and preschools with his friend, Bev.
Band History:
Dave played his first chord on a guitar at the age of fifteen - three years after the Beatles took the world by storm. It wasn't long after that he began writing songs of his own. Time passed, men walked on the moon and the Beatles broke up. Dave went to college, got married, and helped raise a family. Song writing took a back seat to paying the bills.

The turn of the century came and Dave realized he was missing something, so he co-founded the band Waterloo Clyde and began performing publicly for the first time in thirty years. That led to a renewed interest in songwriting and soon Dave was recording original music to CD. Dave left Waterloo Clyde in early 2003 and started playing acoustic guitar and singing harmonies with Common Ground a few months later until December of 2008.

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