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Love Hangover Feat. William Harmon
Mz.Dyzihre is back with her single "Love Hangover" Feat. William Harmon. This heartbreak R&B ballad is a story of love and Hate. The song will release April 2018 and will be featured on the album "Femcee Chronicles ".
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African Hip Hop sensation, Raiza, is breathing fresh air into the game. Hailing from civil war and poverty, Raiza brings a new perspective with his music.
After fleeing the land of his birth, Rwanda, due to the genocide, he spent his early years in The Congo and Zambia before his father moved him and his family
the African promised land, post-Apartheid JoBurg, South Africa. It was here that Raiza learnt english through television and music. As he grew up in the
city, he witnessed sub-human living conditions, brutal violence, racism. A sad reality in such a beautiful country. MCing with his childhood friends was a way to escape the madness and express their thoughts, little did he know how far it would take him.
During his high-school years, his father announced that the family was moving to New Zealand for a chance at a better life. After being torn away from all he knew, he fell into the street life, all the while still MCing. After doing several mixtapes and demos in his home studio, his style began to individualize itself. He was no longer glorifying violence and drugs, he had lost alot friends to jail and a life of crime seemed like just a way to lose freedom. He began to resent the way the streets trapped young black refugees like himself.
And thus was the birth of the Raiza you hear today. His music is a genuine reflection of the life of a young refugee in a new land trying to find an
identity. His music is positive and uplifting, it shares a special message for anyone who has struggled in their lives. With eight years of music experience
under his belt and only 21 years of life experience, sky is the limit for the young African ambassador.
He has just finished work on his Mixtape, The Ammo Invasion, a showcase of his talent which he is distributing for free. For a copy, email the team at ammorecords@hotmail.com
His debut official album is in the works, it will be titled Raiza's Redemption and is due for release in late '08. For any questions, feel free to Email or message us

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