Koba Productions
*NEW* Shadow Warriors (Prod. by Koba)
Lease for $19.99, email kobaproductions@gmail.com for exclusive pricing
joey clips
Monster *50% OFF SALE*
Hip Hop
*50% OFF SALE* Tagless Lease - $9.95 | BlanqBeatz@gmail.com for any inquiries including Exclusive Pricing
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play hi-fi  joe clips ft gravity- Make way
play hi-fi  joeyclips ft. gravity, finess, markuz- Not gon die
play hi-fi  Joey clips- sakriligeous remix ft lil loc
play hi-fi  Bangin wit us feat Gravity
play hi-fi  in da hood free (joe clips and gravity0
www.soundclick.com/thickerthenwater (new music)
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never played live
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