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Kinetic Beats
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play hi-fi  Dark creeper (Tier 2)
play hi-fi  Sad Thoughts
play hi-fi  Can you dig it (Tier 1)
play hi-fi  Spanish Musik pt. 3 -SOLD
play hi-fi  Harp sh*t -SOLD
play hi-fi  Lie-la -SOLD
Kinetic Theory - Providing bangers for your next project!
For purchasing/leasing, or if you have questions or comments feel free to contact me @

Pricing- (Tiers 1-3)
Tier 1- $19.95 (Lease-320mp3) - $49.95 (*Exclusive-WAV)
Tier 2- $24.95 (Lease-320mp3) - $99.95 (*Exclusive-WAV)
Tier 3- $49.95 (Lease-320mp3) - $199.95 (*Exclusive-WAV)
*Track outs available for additional $10 (Exclusive ONLY)
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