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Dickie B.
Uncle Samuel
lady love
Alternative General
Cruise song with the Lady,bit of fantasy, big car, dream away.
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I'm just a mid western guy who grew up listening to Johnny Cash, John Denver, AM radio, and anything my parents put on the turntable. Eventually, The Clash, Social D., and The Replacements blew me away. Decided I wanted to be in a band and bought a bass guitar. Met some guys and we started a band called the HellBillies. Went on from there to play in a number of bands (learned some chords on the guitar along the way) and started doing some of my own writing. Now I pretty much just write, play guitar, and record with the MaltTones (who are great childhood friends and pals). I hope you enjoy my songs.
Why this name?
Just my name ya know.
Do you play live?
I used to play live with various bands in the Detroit area. Special moments would be opening for the Old 97's, The Bottle Rockets, NRBQ, and Cowboy Mouth (which was at St. Andrews Hall).
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No dice.
Band History:
HellBillies, Johnny Law, Happy Accidents, Gravel Train, MaltTones.
Your influences?
Joe Strummer, Mike Ness, Paul Westerberg, my pal Billy C.
Favorite spot?
Michigan/Detroit (and surrounding areas). Detroit has incredible musical talent (and I'm not talking Kid Rock or that M&M guy). Hell if Detroit didn't rock would the Supersuckers have done a live album at the Magic Bag in Ferndale?
Equipment used:
When I play bass it is an American made Fender P-bass through a MusicMan head connected to a 4x12 Peavey cabinet. Electric guitar is a cheap Fender Squire Tele played through the same amp and cabinet.
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