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Juan R Leon
Juan R Leon
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play hi-fi  She Sits At My Window
play hi-fi  Snarl
play hi-fi  Watering the Moon
play hi-fi  Daydreams
play hi-fi  Deep Medicine
play hi-fi  Guaymas
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Welcome to Bassist/Chapman Stickist/Native American Flutist Juan R Leõn's Soundclick page.

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Drawing from a diverse library of influences and various techniques,his instrumentals weave melodies and harmonies into a rich tapestry, often evoking a mood and place in which anyone who listens is instantly transported to.His Music is a mish-mash of styles which often include voyages into Acid Jazz,Jazz Fusion,World,Progressive,New Age,Ambient,Experimental,Post Rock,Alternative,and even Techno.

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Influenced by the likes of Michael Hedges,Michael Manring,Jonas Hellborg,Trey Gunn,Jaco Pastorious,Fima Ephron,David Torn,BPM&M,Mark Egan,Phil Keaggy,Ozric Tentacles,Lost Tribe,Mick Karn,and a host of Traditional and modern Native American artists such as R. Carlos Nakai,Robert Tree Cody,Robert Mirabal,Douglas Spotted Eagle,and Little Wolf.
Juan has released collaborative efforts with ambient project Ollin and the multimedia/multi-cultural Music Word Art.A CD of his own solo material is in the works. "2464",an ambient/new age/world offering featuring Chapman Stick,bass,percussion,and Native American Flute.He is a member of nu-jazz trumpeter Lindy Romez's band Sol Y Mar,recording/performing member of Latin artist Renaldo "Ñeco" Peña's Group,Co founding member of Birdsall,Leõn,Hayes,an experimental improvisation group featuring Jeremy Birdsall on Stick,Reed Hayes on drums/percussion,and Juan on Stick and octave bass. Juan also performs solo shows around the Central and South Florida areas on Native American Flute.
Juan also produces a podcast dedicated to the Chapman Stick called Strada-Sphere Radio hosted by fellow Stickist Shane Carey and Juan.

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Do you play live?
Yes as part of the Lindy Romez band,Sol Y Mar,prog/jam trio Jupiter Groove, and new world fusion project Blitz Water.
Band History:
Skinner Box
Between Four Walls
Rocky T Fretz Street Reach Benefit Concert (1996-98)
Zu Zu's Petals
Music Word Art
Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar
Blitz Water
Jupiter Groove
Your influences?
Trey Gunn
R.Carlos Nakai
Lee Riley
Tony Levin
Fergus Jemison Marsh
Robert Tree Cody
Michael Manring
Brian Bromberg
Jonas Hellborg
Michael Hedges
Robert Fripp
Mark Egan
Jaco Pastorious
David Torn
Mick Karn
Percy Jones
John Entwhistle
Ozric Tentacles
Dead Can Dance
Phil Keaggy
Favorite spot?
Anywhere love resides
Equipment used:
10 String Chapman Stick,NS/Stick (on loan from Gary!),Carlo Robelli 8 string basses,Ibanez 5 string fretless basse,Ibanez BTB 4 string,Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bazz Fretless,Ovation 4 string acoustic fretless bass,Behringer Pro Bass V-Amp,Behringer FCB 1010,Gallien Krueger 200 RCB,Peavy cabinets,Tanoy Active referance monitors,JBL Control 28s,Power Mac G4 running Ubuntu Linux and a MacBook Pro running OS X,Logic Studio 8,Pro Tools,Digi
001,E-Bow,Digideroo,Native American Flutes by High Spirits,Amon Olorin,Navaho,Ollin Flutes,and various bamboo flutes by Erik the Flutemaker,Boss volume pedals,Monster Cables,GT Cables,Rotosound Swingbass strings,DR Black Beauties and Red Devils,Stick Strings by J.D. Addario,Ultimate Stands,Swing String,Goose Juice,Furman,and a House of Blues shot glass for that nasty slide bass!
Anything else...?
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
License this music for commercial use through Pump Audio

There's more of Juan's music at
Juan R. Leon
and also at
.Quasitone has a page at SoundClick,just click
Jupiter Groove's Reverbnation Page
for music,video,and show dates.

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