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play hi-fi  Red eyes fail to close
play hi-fi  Exposed - divulge - pour out
play hi-fi  As signs and months slowly align
play hi-fi  Inside Fatigue (excerpt)
play hi-fi  Another deep dark winter
play hi-fi  Guilt Trip (rehearsal)
play hi-fi  Failed to get a solid grip
play hi-fi  Shanghai III (in progress)
play hi-fi  Pounding Wet Stone Walls (extract)
play hi-fi  Grievous
A dark ambient or perhaps funeral ambient project, still evolving and moving slowly (how fitting for a band in this genre) towards funeral doom, i.e. the metal content is increasing.
This "band page" should be seen as a way to get feedback that could guide me in my musical evolution, rather than a way of self-promotion.
Why this name?
Imagine that all disasters are orchestrated by a supreme being, the destroying angel called Apollyon, who will shine with every death, with each loss...
Do you play live?
This is a 1-man band, so I couldn't play live even if I wanted to. And I strongly doubt I'd ever find any musicians to turn this into a veritable band because unfortunately very few people play this kind of music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In regard to "underground" bands, it gives them a good opportunity to share their music with a worldwide audience that would otherwise never discover this particular band or type of music. As long as the people in those underground "scenes" still support the small bands, mp3's don't pose such a threat to these artists.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Let's say the chances they'd even want my music are rather small...
Band History:
Started in September 2003, gradually evolving towards funeral ambient/doom.
Contributed to a label compilation in 2003 or 2004 but that release never saw daylight.
Some songs in 2004 - 2005 involved the help of a session pianist. Plans to experiment with female spoken vocals have been discarded in 2005.
2006 and beyond saw further changes in style but due to extensive travelling and working hours the plans for a first release have been postponed year after year. 2010 might actually be an optimistic estimate.
Your influences?
Mostly influenced by funeral doom and doom in general, some black and other metal and select dark ambient, though my music still fits more into the dark/funeral ambient category.
There are no direct influences from any bands though as I regard what they are creating as completely different from my own outpours of thoughts and emotions. However it is attending their concerts, listening to their music that keeps me motivated to continue playing my own music.
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