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Tried For Treason
'Hands of Wealth' (Practice Video)
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11/20 Practice Session @ Casa de Malletino.
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TFT is an original heavy metal band from rural Missouri, featuring Jake Franks (Vocals, Guitar), Justin "Boz" Boswell (Bass) and Randy Mallett (Drums). The band is currently performing shows and promoting online, in support of their debut EP "Weight of Words", released in April 2013. The EP, available on iTunes, Amazon, and just about everywhere else on the internet, quickly gained the attention of not only hard rock and metal fans from the Midwest, but of many internationally as well (half of the band's online "followers" - numbering in the thousands - hail from outside the U.S.). Shortly after release, the album became successful online almost immediately, with all of the tracks reaching #1 on Soundclick.com's heavy metal, hard rock and alternative charts by the end of the Summer, for example. Tracks were being downloaded by eager and curious new fans worldwide, and physical copies of the cd had to be re-ordered by the band due to them selling so quickly. The band's incessant online promoting (namely social networking and marketing campaigns), combined with good old-fashioned word of mouth, created a buzz within the worldwide metal community within a matter of months. And due to the band's energetic live performances both locally and regionally, they continue to be one of the most talked about metal bands of 2013.

Although the heavy metal trio is currently booking and performing shows, they have already begun writing material for their sophomore effort, a full-length follow-up to "Weight of Words", tentatively due for release in mid-2014.
Why this name?
"Tried For Treason" was inspired by a dream Mallett's mother had. After learning the band was searching for a politically-motivated name, possibly one containing the word 'treason', Mallett's mother had a dream that night and saw the words "TRIED FOR TREASON" appear. She texted just those three words to Mallett upon waking up, and the rest is history.
Do you play live?
We absolutely play live, and do it as often as our schedules allow us. Since the band is barely one year old (and four of those months being on hiatus), we haven't played as many shows as we'd like, but are working on booking more.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Drastically. The future of rock and roll bands, specifically heavy metal bands, will be touring. Selling tickets, selling merch, cd's at shows, etc. Long gone are the days of getting signed, cutting an album, and selling hundreds of thousands of copies via Wal-Mart, Hastings, etc. Bands are gonna have to work harder and market themselves more efficiently.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It would all depend on the size of the devil in the details.
Band History:
Tried For Treason spawned from three different bands in the Southeast Missouri area in an effort to create an all-original heavy metal band. The band's primary songwriter, Jake Franks (Vocals, Guitar), formerly of the masked metal band Audio Sideshow, had a catalog of original material that needed a full band. He met Randy Mallett (Drums) in September 2012, and the two began to collaborate and toss ideas around. Although Mallett had been idle since the split of his prior band, grunge rockers Inkognito in 2006, he was more than ready to join up with Franks. Especially after realizing how talented he was on the guitar (a talent initially disregarded by Mallett due to Franks' younger age). Filling out the band was Brandon Reeder (Bass), formerly of Butchered, a death metal band Mallett managed years earlier. Although Reeder was primarily a drummer, he also played bass and was looking for a band to join. The trio got together for a few practices, and in October 2013, Tried For Treason (a name inspired by a dream Mallett's mother had) was officially born.

The band began piecing together original songs one by one, and combined them with cover songs to have enough material to begin booking shows. So in December 2012, TFT played its first gig - at a VFW hall in Kennett, MO to around 100 people.

After four months of rehearsing and pre-production, TFT entered Underline Studios in Poplar Bluff, MO in April 2013 to record their debut EP, "Weight of Words".

On October 21st, 2013, the band announced that Justin "Boz" Boswell, would be replacing Reeder in the band. Boswell, a widely respected and extremely talented bassist (and longtime friend of Mallett and Franks) had just recently toured Europe with his former band Starroy, but parted ways with the group just weeks before.
Your influences?
We all have different musical influences, as far as musicians or bands. So I won't list 100 bands here. While our tastes are similar enough not to alter the vibe of the songwriting process, we're predominantly influenced by any musician or band who is talented and works hard to hone their craft. Be they local, regional, national or international.
Favorite spot?
We're always comfortable on just about any stage. Getting to perform live is what we get the most excited about. We love St. Louis. We love playing near our hometowns. But you just can't beat the friendly, private environment of our practice space.
Equipment used:
Tama Rockstar Custom drums, Sabian AAX cymbals, PDP pedals/hardware, Pro-Mark sticks, REMO drumheads, Aquarian snare heads.
Anything else...?
Please support us by following us online at www.facebook.com/triedfortreason. We thank each and every fan who has ever gave us a listen, came to our show, bought a cd, or anything in any way to support us. We couldn't do it without you. The fact that we've been getting such a great fan response lately is humbling, to say the least. And that's just gonna make us work harder and get better.
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