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Wordly Sex'n'Violence record.
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At FORGIA... I'm the one with the red guitar..
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Hip Hop
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I was born in Soncino, an ancient village in Northern Italy on June the 20th 1973.
Since the childhood, I was interested in playing musical instruments, but until the age of 13 I didn't begin to play any., My music teacher at the middle school was used to play:”The final countdown” from the band “Europe” on the accordion. I really like that song.
My father is an accordionist, so I asked him to teach me how to play it.
I practised the accordion for about two years, learning some kind of waltz, too.
In the meantime some of my peers begun listening to metal bands. A couple of them were living closer and listening at extreme volume their favourite songs.
I got interested and went to my neighbours asking to borrow a music-cassette.
I chose: “The number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden and “Ride the lightning” of Metallica.
I loved that music immediately, choosing to leave the accordion to play the guitar.
Firstly I bought a classical guitar and learned the basic techniques within a method created for the Commodore 64.
At the age of 17, I bought my first electric guitar, a very used Kaway Aquarius Custom.
It was impossible to find out musicians in my surroundings to play metal, so I've joined some cover bands.
With the “Nessuno” I played my first gig.

Afterwards, I recorded my first demo tape, helped by a classmate who created drums and bass through his Commodore AMIGA. In that age, there were just a few ways of promotion.
In late 1993 I formed the band Castigo . We recorded a 3 tracks demo tape, but after a quarrel, I quitted the band.
Then I joined the death metal band “Aphelion” to play this gig . After a couple of years and some gigs the band decided to change his musical style and I disagreed ...

So I tried to play a different kind of music, but I felt it more challenging and less satisfactory. In the middle of 1999 I began with my home recording solo project. It has been quite a disaster. So in 2003, I retired.
I turned back to the classical guitar and dedicated myself to it completely, selling part of my electric instrumentation.

Five years later I changed my mind again, but I didn't want to make the same previous mistakes. Registering on the Facebook network I got in touch with old friends, members of the “Aphelion” band. Talking with them about my desire to record again some tracks I was surprised to understand they wished to help me...and that's it.
Why this name?
It's my surname.
Do you play live?
Unfortunately, I don't at the moment. I've made some gig in the past. I think live experiences are important ,but they may be really challeging.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mp3 has radically changed the music industry. Nowadays any kind of artist may reach a small popularity...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Why not?
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Handmade and custom guitars.
Anything else...?
Thanx 4 watching!
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