John Battema
NEWS   Yep, still breathing.
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play hi-fi  Hymn (first version)
play hi-fi  Her Heart Bled Tears
play hi-fi  My Feet on Virgin Earth
play hi-fi  The Swimming Pool
play hi-fi  She is Drowning (excerpt)
play hi-fi  Technolution (edit)
play hi-fi  A Doll For Grandmother
play hi-fi  Sleepwalker
play hi-fi  Dancing Lights (excerpt)
play hi-fi  October Nights

If you're here, odds are you already know who I am.

Otherwise, I do atmospheric, semi-symphonic electronic music.

Why this name?
I've been answering to "John" since I was born, seemed like a pretty good idea to stick with it.
Do you play live?
I play live with other bands, most notably Ephemeral Sun, an atmospheric progressive outfit (is anyone just in a rock band anymore?). Yep, I love playing live, wish I could do it more often, especially the solo gigs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Much easier to be a small beans musician.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hard to say; not something that concerns me right now. Happy just making music on my own terms, as others hear and enjoy it, all the better.
Band History:

I'm feeling lazy, so here's the ol' bio from my website:

Incorporating elements of symphonic, progressive, world, fusion, rock and even folk
music into a distinctly unique sound realized through modern electronic instruments,
John Battema presents a sonic collage of abstract imagery and emotion. Once voted one of
the top two keyboardists in Richmond, VA, he is one of the more successful
keyboard players in the area for both his unique personal vision and his dynamic
contribution to numerous other bands.

Your influences?
Vangelis, Johannes Schmoelling, Ulver, Peter Gabriel, Harold Budd, King Crimson.
Favorite spot?
New York is lovely.
Equipment used:
Lots of keyboards, a computer and my hands.