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play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Emergency
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Flatline Friday
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Memories *Preview Only*
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Just One Chance *Preview Only*
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Inside My Mind
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Horizon
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Blurred
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - Ridin' Solo
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - New Beginings
play hi-fi  Jay.M Beats - No Limits

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• Can be used for 2 commercial release (Youtube/Radio/TV etc.)
• Maximum of 2,000 sales (Mixtape/Album/iTune etc.)
• Owner of the beat (Jay.M Beats) is able to resell the beat to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased
• You must give credits on all media. (Promo CD's, YouTube descriptions etc.)
• Credits must be given as 'Produced by Jay.M Beats™'
• Full ownership of the beat/s belongs to Jay.M Beats


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Free downloads are for non-profitable use only. For project use, you would need to purchase either licences.

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