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This Video was created by MYK Productions 47 CEO Michael 'MYK' Roberts and Production Manager Tamyra 'Myra' Roberts. It was composed to explain the meaning behind the design of 'Beat As
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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Biography :

My name is Michael "MYK" Roberts and I was born in Chicago, IL. At the age of five I started piano lessons, and as a young child, I was always active. Every second of the day, I would be engaged in some type of mental or physical activity. My father taught me how to play the piano and the harmonica. I would cry because I missed my mom so much (Mothers Boy) and the only way dad could get me to calm down is to play the guitar and the harmonica. He would use improvisation with blues chords and mimicking “You want yo ma’ma boy?”…LOL. A few years later I started playing the drums for my uncle's church (Church on the Rock). Growing up with 5 brothers and 1 sister, my house was never quite.

I graduated from Thornridge High School ( GO Falcons ) and joined the service afterwards. Participated in my High School Marching, Jazz, Concert, Pit, and Symphonic band for four years straight, I emerged as an All-State percussionist and All-American Bandsman for two years in the state of Florida.

Spending over a decade as an Active Duty Marine (Motor Transport, 1st Degree Black Belt Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, Marine Recruiter) earned me unlimited potential in the face of challenges, via my Superiors. As an Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, I also had the privilege of playing in the United States Marine Band while on active duty. Traveling to different countries allowed me to fully understand different types of cultural music and for that I am forever grateful.

Right now, I am an Alumni of Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida. Currently finishing my journey to success as a musical innovator and I would love nothing more than to surround myself with like-minded individuals who share similar purposes.

I really hope everyone enjoys what I listen to here on this page. I have a wealth of musical talent and as I become a civilian once again I am reminded how my life was inside the toughest military in the world. My musical talent has very emotional feelings in it and projects a sense of passion in one of many things nobody can take from you. Music!

God Bless !


"You Can Do, ALL THINGS, Through CHRIST, WHO Strengthens You Son" John R. SR 20010822 Dolton,IL - May He Rest In Paradise -
Your Diligent Son "Michael"

"Time Can Be Your Best Friend, Or Your Worst Enemy" (Eanes 1997)

Description :

My passion is music!

As a student at Full Sail University, I plan to learn and grow as a professional musician.
Thank you for being supportive, It really means a lot to me, for you to yield the occasion out of your day to listen and enjoy MYK Productions 47,

Feel Free to look at my web page here:
and follow me on Sound Cloud here : for “Exclusive Tracks”.

I am an up and coming producing dynamo and “I can do ALL things”. So enjoy!

Band Interests:

Work with professional talented individuals and continue to be successful!
Display Empathy !
Learn from great Leaders!
Provide Humanitarian Services !
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