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A New ERA In Hip-Hop. In a time of superficial existence, and shallow Hip-Hop mentalities emerges a new sense of reality. Coming from the depths of Southern hardships is an eclectic display of raw talents. The MaB's are to without a doubt a new and exhilarating phenomenon that is taking the South East by storm. Comprised of three unique individuals with three very different styles there is something for everyone to love.
Why this name?
We came up with the name "MaB's", pronounced may-bees, for all the people that doubted that we could make it. Not too many people thought we could.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It give independent artist a chane to promote their music to the world without going through a major label. MP3 and the internet is a major breakthrough.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We are signed to MayBe Entertainment, Inc. and they show us mad love, so we are very happy where we are, but would talk to serious companies about possible non-exclusive distribution though.
Band History:
The group being born and raised in South Carolina cling diligently to their southern roots. They have amongst many things a contemptible aggression towards their craft, and a charming grasp on real life circumstances.
The group of siblings have mandated a series of appearances, and this is gaining the new yet seasoned trio unequaled praise from artist and followers alike. Coming from a score of many inspirations the MaB's are a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Although there are many different assets to enjoy from this group reaping the south like a new religion, there is nothing more refreshing than the honesty and pure lack of censorship that they cling to. The members Low, Dez, and Lady Sky bring each element of their skills together to give you one defined look in to southern living and blatant disobedience to hip-hops mainstream flash.
They as a group take you back to what made you fall in love with hip-hop and soul to begin with. From Low's swarthy lyrics, Dez's keen sense of self, and Lady Sky's bluesy tales of life the MaB's are the new sound of the south, and regardless of the critics with no love for the arts if there be any, this group is destined to be heard, and embraced as one of the south's greatest.
Your influences?
Too many artist to name.....old and new
Favorite spot?
In the studio w/ our entire family.....acting crazy as fu&k!!
Anything else...?
Let's stop the hate'n Indy's.......we all trying to eat here!!!! Much love to all that's trying to do the dayum thang!!!!

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