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play hi-fi  Getting HIGH
play hi-fi  NOWHERE
play hi-fi  2faced HOMIEZ
play hi-fi  Things int how its suppose to be
play hi-fi  GET RIGHT
play hi-fi  FLIP-FLOP
play hi-fi  To the top
play hi-fi  When against all odds
play hi-fi  How I'm feelin
Well Im a one man band here in Lansing MI I have my own label which I am so very proud to have....I generally charge hourly fees and work on my pwn project and other upcoming artist as well as mix tapes....I have to convert most of my songs to mp3 format so just be patient its worth the wait to hear me...
Why this name?
Well I'm Magnificent in everything I And then My nickname was D-ed
So Ed-D-ed Tha MAGNIFICENT Came about.
Do you play live?
Well I perform live yea but its been a minute, im just getting back in the scene
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well as of late it has, and is changing the music industry; which is why I started my own label.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure a 180
Band History:
Have been in the game for 15 years
Your influences?
I like Ice cube Bone 50 cent Ja-rule Mystikal Busta-Rymes
Favorite spot?
My Hometown Chicago ILL but favorite spot has to be Greek-Town in Detroit
Equipment used:
MR842, M-AUDIO everything, CTK-1000, and everything a normal Studio has
Anything else...?
Would Like to Thank dude from YouTube giving some real advice about the music industry he know who he is, and he is the reason why I joined this network.
Lansing Mi the Capital City
Home of the Spartans
Me and My son
Snoop I know the truth...but what could u have dun
My city
Aint Nobody
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