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play hi-fi  u4eah (scenic ambiant)
play hi-fi  Portal K3 (test flight horror)
play hi-fi  AphtiRgLeAuX
play hi-fi  general necessities
play hi-fi  Shayded Sky
play hi-fi  Amazing Grace (slide guitar)
play hi-fi  Cyclops Pumpkin overture
play hi-fi  NEuTRaLieZ
play hi-fi  Maknam Day (August 18th)
play hi-fi  The Grinch in Me
This music is the result of recreational, experimental guitar playing, composing and midi programing. This collection of soundscapes are highlights created outside of band projects, meaning that I did all the tracking, mixing and performing myself. Iv listed the songs in chronological order. Some of this music dates back to the 80s, so the sound quality varies from past to present. Genres range from ambient/acoustic rock to progressive metal/industrial in addition to twisted blues and jazz. Sub genres and hybrids are also included.
Your influences?
metal (old and new), grunge, progressive rock, experimental electronic, fusion, film music and ghost thrillers.
Equipment used:
D'Addario, EMG, Schecter, Charvel, Fender, KRAMER, LTD, Takimine, Ovation, Guitar Parlor, Johnson, Marshall, Soldano, Gibson, Red Box, LINE 6, Ibanez, Dunlop, DigiTech, ROCKTRON, Dirty Boy, KORG, YAMAHA, Teac, Roland, cakewalk, NI, Cubase, Toontrax, Bias by Positive Grid, M-AUDIO, BEHRINGER, Gateway, Mac, Audiotechnica, SONY.
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