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This is a project I started to explore electronic music. I love Astronomy and Science and my music attempts to reflect that. I have written for the past 13 years but that was mostly progressive rock. I mostly listen to electronic music now.
Why this name?
I wanted to be original and use my real name! :)
Do you play live?
Not with my electronic music... yet.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it has affected the music industry in a positive way. I find it amazing that we can download music (which I would be willing to pay for) and make our own collections. I used to do that with tapes!! (remember those?)

Today, there is so much that you can do with music without having to pay a fortune for time in a big studio. When I was originally creating music, I had to create cassette tapes with primitive equipement (I could not afford anything really). Now, I can burn a CD. I still sit in amazement when I put the CD in my car cd player and listen to my music. It is great.

And MP3s allows for so much more. Think of it, an entire music collection in a package the size of a harddrive. Amazing.

We live in fun times as musicians.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I started writing music about 13 years ago with a DX100. My first song was a song called Terra Nova. I don't even remember the song, just the really cool song name. I will of course probably reuse the title. I slowly aquired gear over that time ranging from Ensoniq equipment to Korgs. The style I wrote was mostly Progressive Rock with strong influences from Rush and Yes. Then I got married in 1997.

I sold all of my equipment to pay for the honeymoon. So for about 3 years, I wasn't doing anything with music (it's funny now that I think about it, my wife said she fell in love with me because of my music...heh)

I got back into playing again when I started playing on the worship team at my church which rekindled my interest in writing again. I attempted to write but it was dry and did not go anywhere. I needed something different.

When I was younger, I listened to a tape my dad bought called Autobahn by a group called Kraftwerk. I was hooked! I was amazed at what they did with electronics! Needless to say, I wore the tape out. About 3 years ago, I bought Autobahn on CD and relived my younger days of sitting under the stars listening to that tape. It got me thinking of what I could do with electronic music.

So I researched to see what was available. I bought a Quasimidi Sirius which was an awesome board! However, I still felt uninspired. I sold the Quasimidi. At the time, I was also playing around with some software that allowed me to create music. This included Fruity Loops. It was alright, but the interface to me was a little hard to get used to (I have worked with hardware synths/mixers/etc all my life). I stumbled across a program called Reason. This piece of software changed the way I started to write music. It was limitless and it was an interface that I understood!

So here I am today, trying my hand at electronic music. My favorite styles are Trance and Ambient. I hope to someday combine my progressive rock influences with Trance and/or Ambient.
Your influences?
Progressive Rock like Rush, Asia, Yes, Saga, Dream Theatre. Electronic artists like Kraftwerk, Children of the Bong, The Orb, Banco de Gaia, Orbital
Favorite spot?
Orlando - Universal Studios!!!
Equipment used:
Reason 2.5, Radium 61-key controller
Anything else...?
Let me know what you think of my music.. good or bad..
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