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Svaha Sound System
Hanuman Skank
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11/29/12 @ 10:56 AM     post a comment
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Svaha Sound System proudly present Hanuman Skank, a musical journey.

All production from Svaha Sound System

Animation (not owned) edited by Svaha Sound System
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Specialising in strictly roots and culture, this sound system has taken inspiration and guidance from ancient culture and the power of music.

We give thanks first to the most high and keep true to the stylings of the great Zulu Warrior Jah Shaka, the Original Indian Errol 'King Earthquake' Arawak, King Tubby and the forerunners of conscious music as we deliver JAH MUSIC to the people.

Svaha is a sanskrit word meaning 'so be it'.

Have a look at our new releases on youtube:

Darkside of Dub

Shiva Stuti

Hanuman Skank

As well as older tunes such as Black Jacks and High Aces


Svaha Sound System
Why this name?
Svaha is a sanskrit word meaning 'so be it' which was a perfect fit for our vision and ethos.
Do you play live?
We don not currently play live, however, we are trying to set up some dates in High Wycombe soon, so watch this space!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Massively, i remember going to record shops to buy vinyl, yes VINYL! Nostalgia aside, I think the internet is a very powerful tool and when used correctly it can be the best thing for emerging artists... especially platforms such as youtube and facebook.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would say no, but Island records do interest me and in my eyes they are Major!
Band History:
Formed in 2012, to fill a need for the lack of good music on play in the UK... We decided to combine our love of certain genres of music and fill a niche for ourselves and like minded people.
Your influences?
educated in the dance since the 90's, stepping Shaka at the Rocket, Holloway Road and Tudor Rose, Southall. Then experimenting with other sounds in the form of Breaks and Hip-hop, D&B, early Garage, Funky House and Dub-step... interject all of that with some punk, grunge, spiritual Hindu music and funk! We truly have a wide range of influences!
Favorite spot?
London everytime!
Svaha Sound System
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