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Nights in Berlin
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play hi-fi  Discours de La Boetie (music M Brulard/JHLimeretz)
play hi-fi  Abbe Pierre & pot de fer (Limeretz/Brulard)
play hi-fi  Ne sais-tu pas? (musique Brulard M./Limeretz H.)
play hi-fi  Laisse faire la nature (Brulard M./Limeretz H.)
play hi-fi  Nucleaire (M Brulard./JH Limeretz)
play hi-fi  Soyons optimistes (musique Limeretz/Brulard)
play hi-fi  On peut rever (Brulard M./Limeretz H.)
play hi-fi  C'est pas sorcier (Brulard M./Limeretz H.)
play hi-fi  Vos papiers SVP (JH Limeretz)
play hi-fi  Laissez souffler les baleines (Brulard/Limeretz)
memo to remember Pythagore's theorem: a new way of interactions between music and school.
Many kids can remember entire songs, so it is a way to associate art and school ... and remember mathematics as well as music.

Why this name?
Whe are ok with old Greek and antics philosophers Platon, Socrate, and a friend of them: Pythagore. If you're bad with maths, you can remember his famous theorem and applications with SOHCAHTOA:
Sinus= Opp side/Hypothenuse---------S.O.H.
Cosinus= Adj side/Hypothenuse-------C.A.H.
Tangent= Opp side/Ajdj side---------T.O.A.

GREEN's GUEST (les invités au vert), par Martine B:
Page et Radio Station

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Do you play live?
We did perform in the area but our lead singer was engaged in ONU troops and might split.
If anybody searching for musical stuff to produce a Pop-Rock Opera, please leave a suggestion in the mail-box :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Everybody can taste & choose what to buy, artists do hope listeners will be decent. Price is pretty different.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Why not, if there is no censure (about politics folks).
However, it is the best solution for promotion.
Band History:
Herve & Martine made all songs together. Martine wrote lyrics.
Ils ont rencontré Exdy (Alexandre Chassagnac)dans un concours d'artistes createurs, auteurs-compositeurs-interpretes.
Martine vient de chanter "PARLER A UN ANGE", Alex lui déclare qu'il veut l'interpreter:
"Quelle chanson! il me la faut!"
Resultat: il en chante 12, certaines en duo.

- Female lead vocal, lyrics & songs : Martine BRULARD
- CASTRA & Lead vocals : Alexandre CHASSAGNAC (EXDY)
Herve likes his medium rocky voice, perfect for the songs of Martine who sings rather softly.
However he can sing so much hight, he is able to sound like "La Callas", really ! Listen to the end of "PARLER A UN ANGE", end of the bridge in "Nucleaire"(like a siren).The most is this adaptation medley of "LETTRE A ELISE"&"MARCHE TURQUE"( (L.W.Beethoven,W.A. Mozart):
# 1 Opera Chart for 6 months,May 1rst 2006.


Alexandre Chassagnac : 2008 tournée au Quebec avec le plateau "JUSTE POUR RIRE", interpretation de sa version de "LETTRE a ELISE & MARCHE TURQUE".
(adaptation techno Jean Hervé LIMERETZ)
DjHLimtz SKYBLOG(en français)

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Your influences?
Eclectic ...
Favorite spot?
Lahssa (Tibet) because the Mystic concept and experience of "Tulku"Phenomena (Control of reincarnation to help Humanity) has been verified by 4 scientists commissions who attest its reality.
Check it : "commission STEVENSON" was the first, about 50 years ago.
Equipment used:
Karma KORG,Morpheus EMU,X5DR KORG,D70 Roland,OBX Oberheim,S900 FATAR master Keyboard.D12 KORG dig recorder, mastering & remix Dig Performer DP5.
Anything else...?
L'etre humain veut du bon temps,mais il se croit plus intelligent que la nature,pauvre bete!
Incapable d'utiliser plus que 10% de sa matiere grise,il fait confiance aux tyrans qui l'exploitent,leur fournit toute son energie pour fabriquer des engins de destruction massive, privant ainsi les 2/3 de l'humanite de la liberte,du libre arbitre,de la culture de ses racines.
Soyons optimistes,c'est tout ce qu'il reste a faire.

-pessimiste=imbecile malheureux
-optimiste=imbecile, mais heureux

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