No Flex
Dirty South
(245 BPM): $20 regular lease/ $30.00 premium lease Email for serious inquiries only. Paid tagged demo downloads are for promotional non-profit use only.
Godz Beats
Akhordz Productions
blame me (Most high 2) *NEW*
Beats General
3 for $30 lease| $45premium leases with WAV Files| contact me a for exclusive prices | TEXT OR CALL:2147158038
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play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| WE GOTTA TALK
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| SPEAK YOU SOUL
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| CLASSIC BEAT
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| Let's Ride
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| LIFE'S TOO SHORT
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats|| Daily Struggle
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats||WEST COAST WATCHOUT
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats||You're Dead
play hi-fi  ||Godz Beats||DON'T LOOK BACK

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