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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  nothing compares
play hi-fi  death
play hi-fi  mirrors
play hi-fi  bring me toys
play hi-fi  young-twice-productionunleashing-demons
play hi-fi  young-twice-productiongoons-come-out-at-night
play hi-fi  young-twice-productionchronic-in-the-air
play hi-fi  young-twice-productionsummer-love
play hi-fi  young-twice-productiontough-luv
play hi-fi  young-twice-productioninner-conscious

You will receive an encoded MP3 file of the untagged song, and/or a copy of the raw WAV file. Leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial recording or broadcast. This recording can then be distributed at your price for up to 2,000 copies. Selling more than 2,000 copies means you must acquire a new lease or exclusive rights. You may also use the beat for non-profit promotional use or demos. In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights shall stand and the beat is still yours to use. You may also acquire new leasing rights if you sell more than 2,000 copies since your contract predates exclusive sale. The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads. You must however give full credit to the seller (artist and/or producer name) on all commercial recordings. Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.

You will receive a MP3 file of the beat (or song), untagged (free of soundmarks) and/or a copy of the raw WAV file. Exclusive rights grant you unlimited commercial recordings and broadcasts. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the beat/song in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the beat). You own the recording as a "work made for hire". The original seller may no longer lease or sell the beat/song, except for prior leasing rights holders and his/her own promotional page (no downloads there). The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads. You must however give full credit to the seller (artist and/or producer name) on all commercial recordings.

Free downloads of any beat produced by ‘Young twice Productions do not include any artistic or legislative rights to the beat. Those versions are only for non-profitable use, meaning only for demonstrational tracks. You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded beats) on Internet pages like myspace, Soundclick, Facebook, Soundcloud or Youtube, etc. When being uploaded or presented (for demonstrational use only!), credit always has to be given in a written form to ‘Young Twice Productions’ (e.g. in the song description). The meaning of free downloads is to do a song for yourself, to do first pre-recordings & to see if the song works out well & is worth, to make investments in one of the license types. It is not allowed to make any kind of profit with free download versions. No video-, no TV-, no radio- airplay allowed! Furthermore it is not allowed to make any changes to the beat or remove any of the used tags. Copying or ripping any audio material (e.g. beat, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, etc.) is prohibited & will not be tolerated at any time! The person disobeying this rule will likely face a law suit.

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