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Angels Too Soon
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Our Angels

Angels Too Soon

The pain of losing a loved one can only truly be known by experience. The overwhelming feeling is that they are still here and you can simply go find them...to sit and talk together once again...if you could only find them. This search seems to go on forever and is never resolved. The truth also exist in your mind which tells you that this person has left this earth and that you must wait until you yourself cross over to be reunited again. Yet something will inevitably happen like the floor creaks, a certain smell, or a shadow moves in the corner of your eye and you find yourself calling his or her name out loud.

Many people try to find ways of easing this pain through talking to others, visiting the gravesite, building shrines at home, and now even building web sites in a form of tribute to these lost angels. Sometimes just hearing the favorite song of our angel can stir up memories and bring a connection between the present and the past.

I have written these special "angel" songs for people who are hurting and need to know that they are not alone in their grief. To let them know that through the emotional words and melodies they can once again connect with their angel and bring some moments of calm contentment.

It is my sincere hope these songs will help you to find your spiritual connection with your angel and bring you comfort and an inner peace.

Michael Peace
Anything else...?
Songs like Jason's Song and Stefania pierce the heart and you deliver them well. I dont think I could get thru one of those (especially now I have a baby) - Very heartfelt and is definitely conveyed in your voice...
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