Rich Forever
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Born into a musical family and being the son of a percussionist, Hiydrus was able to teach himself how to play the drums as a child. He worked on developing his craft through the years and began to pursue music full force in 2012.

Hiydrus' lethal skills on the mic and strong artistic output throughout the years are undeniable. Drawing from experiences and different cultures of the world, Hiydrus has the talent needed to be an unstoppable force in underground hip-hop. "Having the ability to travel and meet with other people from other countries and cultures to me has been the greatest opportunity so far. Many artists don't gt to see different countries and collaborate with artist from that country until they are on a bigger platform music wise. These influences sometimes come out in my lyrics about people and places I've been. This gives the listener something more than they would usually receive from your typical artist, at the very least a different view of a world outside theirs," he explains.

With rhymes that resonate with maturity, life experience, and a worldly understanding few can match, Hiydrus is here to make a statement. Working with artists and producers from Dubai, Poland, and the UK has allowed Hiydrus to create a diverse catalog of music. He is currently working on a mixtape set to be released later this year.

Wit a tireless work ethic, Hiydrus will continue to build future trough his love of creating music. "I also hope to connect with the listener in a way that helps him or her through tough times and most of all I hope to keep bringing originality to the industry. Work ethic and a strong sens of determination coming from someone that has been immersed in a multitude of cultures, bringing about different viewpoints, I hope to bring a little bi of everything I am made of in the end." Spoken like a true star.
Why this name?
Random thought. I am different and my name shows that. Original spelling of Hydrus whats is its own constellation. I am my own person and like this constellation with planets orbiting around inside it
Do you play live?
NC Tre4 all day...Just had to shout them out first and foremost. I love where I live, its my home and all my fam is there.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changes it by introducing different listeners to your style of music. Critics are always welcome to me and I will never get mad. I use it as a tool to better my self while using it as a platform to distribute to the masses. Its a good thing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Good Question. Guess we will all find out.
Band History:
Been at it for about 6months and am just seeing where its going to take me. Tre4 I got you.
Your influences?
Every genre of music is my influence. I have been around music since I was a child. Knowing how to play a instrument I feel makes you a original artist, not many people know how to do that anymore.
Favorite spot?
My House with the fam or the Booth. lol
Anything else...?
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