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Rene Feigher
Rock Is Back In Town
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I've put some words, a blues harp and guitars on a music by Pete Anderson.
Thought about editing the track but I decided to let it as it was on the first take. Far from being the cleanest recording, but I kinda liked the raw spirit that came out.
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Musician & guitar player for over 40 years, I compose, arrange and perform in various genres. Music scores, jingles, for my own use or on demand. I also dub in foreign languages for films, advertising, commentaries or broadcasts.
Why this name?
I never had a steady band and although I played in various bands all along those years, we did not stick together somehow... But still, it's cool !
Do you play live?
I did play live on several venues in France, from 1972 to 2005. I love it. Contact with the audience is a frightening/marvelous feeling... !
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet has completely modified the music industry. It has set the importance of live music vs recordings. Records don't really sell anymore, mp3's are not a great source of revenue and the only way for an artist to earn his living is to produce himself on live tours.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think so...
Your influences?
I have been basically influenced, like many guitar players I suppose, by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Peter Green and mainstream blues players like the Kings (Freddie, Albert and BB.).

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Bloomfield, Jeff Healey, Paul Kossof, Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore were also between my favorite guitar players. So are Eddie Van Halen, Leslie West, Joe Bonamassa, Paul Gilbert, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Buddy Whittington, David Gilmour, Johnny Winter, Mick Taylor, Popa Chubby, Keith Scott, George Marinelli, Keith Richards, Mick Jones, Ritchie Blackmore, as well as less renown brilliant guitarists: Todd Sharp, Ana Popovic and last but not least, Alan Mirikitani (BB Chung King & Buddaheads).

My roots are the blues. This music expresses your deep feelings and helps you to get along.

I came back to playing more intensively after the Stevie Winwood/Eric Clapton tour back in 2010.
It triggered a lot of memories from the 60's and 70's and led me to dig out a lot of things I had in stand-by.

My favorite channels on YouTube are the ones featuring :
- Brett Kingman, an Australian guitarist who does a lot of demos for effect pedals. A brilliant player and a nice guy;
- Jose Campos, a Portuguese guitar player/teacher who also does a lot of demos, great sound and playing Jose !
- Phil X who does guitar demos for Fretted Americana : Phil is crazy (that's why we love him ;-) and an awesome guitar player, singer and composer. With his band, the Drills, he produced a few records, very inventive and well thought. I'm a great fan;
- Rob "Chappers" Chapman: although more discreet than Phil X, he is nonetheless one great guitar player. Fabulous technique, great sound and vibe !
- Jarle Bernhoft, a Norwegian phenomenon. He represents the one-man band at its top level. A huge voice and beautiful compositions and videos. Total fan !
- Lyle Watt : another guitar wizard. This Scottish guy published videos from when he was 15 ! A very accomplished musician with a breathtaking technique and mastering of guitar playing.

Watching those guys, and other sites - like the ToneQuest - I was led to discover a bunch of less known, but fantastic, musicians: Pete Anderson, Mark Selby, Diesel (also known as Mark Lizotte), Mark Seymour (no, I do not develop a fixation on Marks), James Reyne, Rob Tognoni between others. Australia has a lot of great talents besides the Young brothers !

Speaking of new talents, watch those names: Sam Coulson and Aynsley Lister, Aydan Watkins, Aaron Hiebert, James Bell and... Lyle Watt: you're bound to hear more of them in the future !
Favorite spot?
I like the big cities : Paris, where I live, London, New York... Even if you don't take advantage of every opportunity, they never sleep and you know the action is there.

Once every year I spend time on an island, close to nature and a bit further from civilization... Helps to resource oneself ;-)
Equipment used:
I gave away almost all of the analogic equipment I had accumulated over the years. The various racks and consoles were very bulky and space-consuming and since I started to use computers - although I was very reluctant in the beginning - I did not have the use for them anymore.

I kept a few items though: effect pedals like the Ibanez TubeScreamer, a VOX Pathfinder, a handmade Essex Blonde UK amp, various expanders like the Yamaha TX802.

As my main amp, I use a Brunetti MC2 all tube 3 channel 60 watt amp, that I geared up with EHX EL34's, a 12AX7 for the clean channel preamp, a 5751 for the V1 to get more headroom, a Chinese 12AX7 for the crunch/drive channel and a russian Sovtek Premium for the driver. I use a Celestion G12T75 as the main loudspeaker, I modified the cabinet to be semi-opened, and added a Palmer 12-1 cab with a Celestion CreamBack 65 for when I need more oomph.
Killer sound !

I use a lot GarageBand on the iPad, which is mainly why I bought one. Very handy as a quick notepad for musical ideas.

My guitars are :
- a Schecter Strat of 1986 with MonsterTone pups and a passive parametric EQ. I added a Floyd Rose whammy back in the 90's. A great-sounding Strat with a D birdseye maple neck.
- a Duesenberg Senior 52, which I bought 2nd hand early 2012 at a very attractive price. I love its neck, D profile, sound - due to the P 90 - and looks ! A great, chambered guitar with a unique flair.
- a GS Mini acoustic from Taylor guitars. I went to the Taylor road-show and was literally blown away by the sound of this guitar. A shorter scale, with a huge sound. Beats all the others, including Martins and Gibsons I have tried.
- a Taylor Barytone 8, that you can see in my photos. A special 8 string guitar, tuned from B to B. A fantastic resonance on bass strings and nice projection on the doubled medium A and D strings. One has to get used with it but it combines greatly with a regular guitar on harmonies.
- April 2013: custom BTO Telecaster. Light Ash body, TransWhite colour, birdseye maple neck with Sperzel locking tuners, Seymour Duncan bridge pickup, the neck pickup is a Gibson mini-humbucker, the volume knob has a phase inverter, solid Rutters bridge with compensated brass saddles. Sheer pleasure, great sound :) For more info, see my post on TDPRI [All maple neck replaced by a Warmoth maple neck with Pau Ferro fretboard]
- I own a 5 string bass, an Argo 5.1 by Clover basses, a German manufacturer who does a superb work and an Eden Nemesis 4x10 200 watt amplifier combo.
- I acquired a Collings I35LC. An excellent, pre-owned instrument at an affordable price. This guitar is a player's dream. Everything in the conception, construction, electronics, neck profile, playability, sound, is just perfect. It is kind of a scaled-down ES 335, but with a mojo of its own. The attention to every detail is stunning. The Lollar Imperials play a good role as well. A beautiful, resonant guitar, obviously the gem of my collection.
- Sold my Piano Black Duesenberg Starplayer III.
- 2016: a lovely amber NightHawk ST3 from Gibson that I picked in Milan. Its 20 years don't really show on the parallelogram inlayed fretboard. A myriad of tones for this 3 pickup model, developed by JT Riboloff. This one is equipped with a Floyd Rose. A very original, underrated fine instrument. Light and ergonomic.
- March 2017: a Deluxe Tele with a Strat neck (2005 with a beautiful rosewood board), an original 1977 WideRange PU in the front, A TV Jones Classic in the back and a Bigsby. Possibly the most versatile guitar I own.
- June 2017, I traded my Squier 51 for a Warmoth ThinLine assembly, with a mahogany neck and Rosewood fretboard, stainless steel frets, 2 Seymour Duncan SH-2 PU with a split switch. This one goes from Twang to Jazz, from Country to Rock, its thin C shape neck with satin nitro finish allowing lots of comfort.
- January 2018: The 71' Les Paul went to Holland for a fair price and I've got me 2 great new guitars: one is a Warmoth SuperStrat, Honduran Mahogany body, figured Koa table, mahogany neck and Pau Ferro fretboard. A very nice C shaped rounded 59 neck and 3 Suhr pickups.

And finally, after 48 years, my search is over; I found the Les Paul of my wildest dreams. Tiger flamed washed cherry top, mahogany body and neck, early 50 profile, dark rosewood fretboard, 2x Alnico III CustomBuckers, VOS finish and tulip green Kluson tuners. Lightweight NON chambered (8.25 lbs). A monster tone machine with the looks. Can't put her down...!

I use an array of harmonicas in different keys, a JetSlide guitar slide (cheers Gary ;-), various metal and glass bottlenecks, an Ensoniq keyboard, an M-Audio BlackBox and Oxygen ma
Anything else...?
Although I did not choose to pursue a career in music, it was and still is my main attraction.

I worked for a company in 1973 that produced and recorded artists as well as manufactured mixing consoles. We used one of the first 24 tracks to record Miles Davis, Albert and Freddie King, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint (not less than 8 mikes for the drumset), Memphis Slim, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Millie Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Fats Domino, Roy Buchanan, Canned Heat, Roxy Music, Focus, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Ralph Mc Tell, Carole King, Lynn Carey and so many others that leave quite a bit of memories... I had my 20th birthday celebrated together with Chico Hamilton, whom I had recorded live just before. Having "happy birthday" sung to you by a renown Jazzman is something one does not forget !

I suppose Internet is a wonderful tool to express oneself and that it is gradually going to take over the traditional way of making/playing music.

Long live Rock and Roll ! ;-)
Finally !
Warmoth ThinLine
Pau Ferro
Taylor Bary 8
Bass & other beauties
Feb 16, 2013
With Ryan Roxie, Paris April 5 2013
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