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New School
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Graveyard Shifter
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play hi-fi  Mic Kombat feat blacc flame and jaii ryda
play hi-fi  Slap Boxing
play hi-fi  the smasher
play hi-fi  the God of this sh***
play hi-fi  world crisis
play hi-fi  how i feel
play hi-fi  Illest breed
play hi-fi  n***z better skip
play hi-fi  graveyard digital storm(feat cris digi and warstor
play hi-fi  hip hop represents feat Warstorm
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welcome to grimey central...the land of the graveyard shifter

thall Be All

Why this name?
im here to raise underground from its ashes back to the real..if you down with the movement,Hop on

Do you play live?
depends..when im with my stinging breathren...sometimes we do

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

i dont know and dont give a f***..seriously,if u like ma shit..show Luv,..if u dont..ah well..its all Love.o YEA..F*** all those internet nerd homos who think making diss tracks about another artist online will get em somewhere..buncha homos man!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

ask tha Rza..hes tha reason why i ever picked up a mic in tha 1st place,thats my inspiration right there..the man'sa genius with beats,lyricism and everything music oriented...oh it gets better..he does dope movie scores too?? now tell me why such a man wouldnt influence a cat like me...f***ing ill muthaf***er..much respect to tha wu
Band History:

my history is similar to that of the man whose pic u see above
Your influences?

wutang clan/killa beez,beggaz,A.I.G.,darkim be allah,ruthless bastards,Tmf,brooklyn zoo,killah priest,warcloud,lethaface,gangstarr,jus allah,smooth tha husler and trigga da gambler,chino xl,Erykah badu,Jill scott,Amerie,Mobb deep,Afura,flipmode squad,shabazz the disciple,gp wu,deadly venoms,Al green,Marvin Gaye,stevie wonder,isley brothers,Saigon,Wu syndicate,wutang killarmy,sunz of man,coins,disciples of Armagedon,true master,4th disciple,goldfinghaz,buddah monk,Bronze nazareth,carlos broady,cappadonna,Mf doom and mf grimm,kool g rap,Big L(rip)
Favorite spot?

Chambers Of Death
Equipment used:

none of ya biz
Anything else...?
yep..its that time of the year again..niggaz been hating for a minute,tryna crush my journey into being one of the best but guess what?it only made me stronger and made my following larger..yes thats right..i wanna send a fat shout out to everyone that ever took time to listen,show love and download my shit..that right there keeps the spirit strong and imma keep bringing that heat like sonars..and to all you uneducated pricks talking bout i cant understand this shit..its soo scientific,its too abstract,guess what..i dont care if you could understand which side of my pants my Nuts hang..especially the gay homos that leave nasty ass messages or go and make wack ass diss tracks thinking they gonna blown up like the next 5ocent..welcome to the real world bi***es..alot of you net gangsters make me laugh because to my face..you would be shitting and taking a piss in your pants...not that id give a f*** anyways...so peace to all those keeping it real and keep supporting the shifter and all you heads out there that have been downloading ma shit...THANKS A MILLION..spread the word..lets do this

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