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The Devil Went Down To Springfield
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Phil Alexander/Daniels
Phil Alexander

Wed Oct 12, 2005
Comedy : General Comedy
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About the song
The title's kind of self-explanatory: the Devil arrives in Springfield, and challenges Homer to a donut-eating match
The devil went down to Springfield
He was lookin' for a bite to eat
And he liked the sound
Of sump'n' warm and round
And covered in sugar an' sweet

When he came upon this fat man
Munchin' on donuts and stuffin' his face
And the devil's tum
Went an' made him say some-
Thin' stoopid, like "Let's have a race.

I guess you didn't know it
But I'm a donut-lover too
And if there's space in that there face
I'll make a bet with you

You got a big ol' tummy, boy
But give the devil his due
I'll bet a case o' Duff
Against your stuff
'Cause I can eat quicker 'n you"

Now Homer, he just nodded
You could say he was playin' it dumb
'Cause it's hard to speak
A donut in each cheek
And another around your tongue

Homer swallow up yo' dough and make sure you ain't beat
He's hungry as hell in Springfield and the devil want to eat
And if you win you get a load of Duff beer from this dude
But if you lose the devil gets your food.

The devil opened up his mouth
And he said "now I'll begin"
And sugar crusted round his lips
As he stuffed more donuts in

A dozen donuts all at once,
And his face it smiled in bliss
And as he chewed, open-mouthed and rude
It sounded something like this


When the devil'd finished eatin'
Homer said "You're quite a chewer
But when it comes to eatin' donuts, Nick
Hell, you're just an amateur

They ate mountains of donuts
One by one
The devil's had a taste of the hole-y bun
Lickin' off the fingers, sticky with dough
Homer's on his last bite?
No Bart, no


The devil felt his stomach turn
An' he knew that he'd been beat
And he turned his head and chundered
On the ground at Homer's feet

Homer said "Mmmf gf Gvl"
'Cause his mouth was still full of dough
But he understood that he'd done good
And he'd bettered the Devil you know

And they ate mountains of donuts
One by one
The devil's kind o' full up, Homer's won
Lickin' off the fingers, sticky with dough
Homer, has he finished?
No Bart, no