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Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness is the pet name for all my electronic experimentation. It's basically me doing weird things with synthesizers, with a variety of results.
Why this name?
It came from notebook scribblings.
Do you play live?
I'd love to play at live venues, but the cord to my computer won't reach far enough.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes more music available to people. It offers a nice alternative to the one-dimensionality of commercial radio. (One hopes it will kill off the larger record labels with time as well. The RIAA is a bane to human existence that must be eradicated off the face of the globe.)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'd prefer a niche label myself. Although, I'm happy giving my music away online for nothing as I hone my craft.
Band History:
I began mucking around with synthesized sound around 1997 or so. It started with fractal music and brainwave entrainment soundscapes, and gradually progressed from there into programmed music. The keyboard playing came later, and me attempting to add vocals is something very, very recent. (I still have a long way to go on the latter!)
Your influences?
I grew up listening to progressive metal, which [indirectly] influences me. Dream Theater, Fates Warning, OSI, Andromeda, The Gathering, Symphony X, Green Carnation, Ayreon, Pain Of Salvation, Unexpect, To-Mera.
Favorite spot?
Worcester, MA. It's the devil I know, at least.
Equipment used:
I typically use Adobe Audition, a bunch of fractal generators, some real-time keyboard-playing, and Buzz. (Buzz is a poor man's modular musical synthesis program. It's a little buggy, but still very potent, provided you save your work frequently, and have ample four letter words available to use when it crashes.)
Anything else...?
All the music here is freely downloadable. So, help yourselves to the MP3s. If you want to use them in podcasts, online radio, videos, and other low-budget broadcasting, be my guest.
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