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Jontae Slaughter
Jontae Slaughter -My City Needs Me: Director's Cut
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10/13/12 @ 10:50 PM     post a comment
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Official Music Video for 'My City Needs Me', a track off of my mixtape 'Slaughter Lane': Also check out the blog: http://mountolympusentertainment.blogspot.comand share!
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Born on April 17th, 1990 and raised in Northeast Austin, Jontae Lamar Slaughter's dreams were to become a professional football player to move his family into a better environment of living. His dreams were cut short in his senior year of High School after a significant ACL tear. With a son on the way and a full-time job barely making ends meet, Jontae decided to polish his skills and take his shot at Hip-Hop. Having established Mount Olympus Entertainment in 2008 with his cousins, Jontae appointed himself as "CEO" and was ready to take care of business. Going by the name of "Phantom", he worked with "Swag Heart Money Gang" for his first three years having released a few notable works, which included the "Black Friday" compilation mixtape and his solo mixtape debut titled "The Gift". In August of 2011, Jontae released "Phantom Montana- The Best of Both Worlds Season 1". As creative differences became an obstacle, Jontae decided to part ways with "Swag Heart" for a solo venture. In a move to get closer to fans and listeners, he decided to change his rap name to Jontae Slaughter. After a few months of reflecting, reevaluating thoughts, and a newfound approach, Jontae released his second mixtape titled "Slaughter Lane" on his 22nd birthday. Music has always been Jontae's secret love, and he also grew tired of seeing the entire scene being watered down with the same monotonous pop tracks being thrown at it. While he understands the business side of things and realizes what sells, Jontae wants to maintain his Hip-Hop roots along with the smooth mix of Texas rap and club singles to actually bring something new to the game.
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