Left Alone (x Frenzy Frenchy)
New School
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play hi-fi  Afekt - What's Left (sketch)
play hi-fi  We Will Comply
play hi-fi  Humanoid
play hi-fi  Binary[nu]
play hi-fi  biNAry
play hi-fi  So Far Away
play hi-fi  Send Me The Machine
play hi-fi  Promise Me
play hi-fi  Torture
play hi-fi  Anguish
alter, change, disturb, destroy, impress, induce, influence, inspire, modify, prevail, touch, transform

Band History:
existence sustains despite damaged past incapabilities
Your influences?
RAZED iN BLACK, :wumpscut:, zeromancer, kevorkian death cycle, frontline assembly, the cure, stabbing westward, spineshank, depeche mode, circle of dust, celldweller, orgy, boole, new order, leaether strip, velvet acid christ, assemblage23, numb, funker vogt, skinny puppy, nine inch nails, ohgr, iris, god module, cause & effect, abney park, marilyn manson, alice in chains, smashing pumpkins
Favorite spot?
the internet
Equipment used: voice.effects
Anything else...?
aim = inflikkt
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