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NEWS   The highly anticipated debut CD by Rock/Reggae band AñaVañA is now available through: www.anavana.com
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AñaVañA (pronounced onya-vonya) is an all original Rock/Reggae band from NYC.
In an age where the music industry is pushing the same music over and over AnaVanA breaks the mold and goes for something unique: Rock based songs with touches of Reggae and R&B.
The main songwriters for the group are Ian C. Bouras and Annastasia Victory. They have been voted as top songwriters in multiple competitions, including The Worldwide Windrift Competition and The Worldwide Billboard Songwriting Competition.
Put together great musicianship, great songs, and an interesting mix if styles, and you've got AnaVanA.
Their debut album is due out early 2004 on Zip Records. If you are a fan of anything musical (playing, songwriting, etc...) this group has it all so be sure to check them out.
Why this name?
Aña (onya) is the russian name for Annastasia and VañA (vonya) is the russian name for Ian. Put Annastasia and Ian together and you've got great songs. Put Aña and VañA together and you've got AñaVañA.
Do you play live?
AñaVañA plays live in and around NYC, plus many festivals around the country. At the risk of sounding cheesy, everytime we step on stage is a special moment for us. We get to share what we love with open ears.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet definitely makes the music industry stronger. You can now get your music "out there" without having to be someone you're not just so you can sign with a major record label.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends on the offer.
Band History:
AñaVañA is a Rock / Reggae band
from New York City

The core of the band consists of Ian and Annastasia who write, perform and produce all their original material.

Annastasia and Ian have been nominated amongst the top Billboard Songwriters of the year 2003.

AñaVañA songs have been included in the top 18 finalists in the 2002 Windrift International Songwriting Competition, and have won a spot on the Windrift 2002 compilation CD.

Aside from writing all original music for their band to perform, they have also written music for commercials, video companies and have had their music used in independent films.

Throughout their individual careers Annastasia and Ian have worked with many accomplished musicians, and since meeting in 1999 their music has evolved into a unique style all their own.

They have performed around the world, playing festivals, benefits and headlining their own shows. They have also played live and been interviewed on international radio and TV stations.

Since meeting Dan Paccione (bass) and Ryan Cavan (drums) their music has grown to a unique style of Rock/Reggae. Their dedicated fans can enjoy groovy danceable beats with hypnotizing vocal melodies.

Now, we're in the process of finishing our highly anticipated full-length debut album, which will be available early 2004.
Your influences?
You name it. From Bad Brains to Steel Pulse.
Favorite spot?
Whereever we are at that moment.
Equipment used:
Fender guitars and amps, Precision Drums, Fender bass, Kurzweil K2000 for keys and SM58's for vocals.
Anything else...?
Be true to yourself and all music.
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