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*SHE GOT IT* Written & Performed by FLIP GUCCI Pro
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07/23/13 @ 09:20 PM     post a comment
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Written & Performed by FLIP GUCCI
Produced by LYCAN
A Digital Pimps Ltd. Production
Copyright 2013
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play hi-fi  THE WORLD IS MINE
play hi-fi  I MUST BE ALIEN
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play hi-fi  I'm N The Game,U Just A Towel Boy
play hi-fi  WITH ALL MY HEART
play hi-fi  BESIDE ME
play hi-fi  MEANT TO BE
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This is Digital Pimps Ltd. in Association with D.E.E.P. Entertainment

LYCAN is the Lead producer and owner of Digital Pimps Ltd. and designer of all these tracks sold here.

We have some big things going on and I'll update as they progress.

PHOENIX Recording Studio's Of Orlando opening soon in Orlando, Florida

If you are local we are actively seeking a Partner. Please email me for details
Why this name?
My Business Partner said I was a beast on these beats and he should call me Lycan...Well I'm Cherokee and my Mom's has always bought me little wolves, and Dream Catchers with Wolves..So It kinda Stuck. Then one day I realized I needed to make my songs stand out more so when you heard one of my songs you knew it was me....That's when I added the "Howl" in my tracks..Other producers use their full names,company names, I didn't want artists to have all that crap in their music, so I made it simple and it all fits like a glove.
Do you play live?
No I make the music...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changes it dramatically, and unless u get signed and have distribution and good marketing, you wont make it..You might get some local fame, but I dont want to just Ghetto fabulous , I want the world...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would only sign a Distribution deal...No one will control me.
Band History:
I've been producing for 20 years and I grow with the new music and make it better. I'm always on top of the "game"
Your influences?
Dr. Dre ,and everybody he's ever worked with, but I really have too many artists from Barry White, To Southern Rock ,60's music, ALL HIP HOP from 1983 & on when i stated listening to I love electronic music, dub step, trance basically everything but Country..sorry just not for me.
Favorite spot?
ORLANDO, Palm Beach County, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami
Equipment used:
Akia PC 5000 Work Station, Ableton Live 8,ProTools o course ,Sony Products like Vegas 11 for video editing.
Anything else...?
I just want to make music....and getting paid is good too
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Feelin Alien
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