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Steel Lions Studio Vlog (May 2015)
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We are a rock and roll garage band from Taiwan. Creating adrenaline fueled and testosterone pumping Instrumental hard rock. No, we won't change America or become poster boys for the scene. But we will rock you.

Definition of garage band:
"An amateur rock band typically holding its rehearsals in a garage and usually having only a local audience."

By day. I'm a server at a chocolate store and delivering food from restaurants locally to customers in my own car. By night, I'm the self proclaimed Asian American rock star playing punk/grunge music in a one-man band in my own garage and at a dive bar somewhere in the streets of San Francisco.

I'm already in my early 30s. I've been through some highs. I've been through some lowest of lows. But while I never became the mega star I dreamed about in the rock music industry, I rested on my laurels and finally accepted the few things I did accomplish and done as a musician. I kept the Patrick Lew Band going since 2001 while I was a sophomore at Wallenberg High School (aside from a three year hiatus) well into my early 30s because of one thing and one thing only. It's not about money. It's not about just fame like everyone else is quick to point out. It's for the passion for playing rock and roll to whomever and where ever 24/7.

With the power of social-media and the digital age, I can now put this music of mines out there whether it's a big fish or a little fish in the pond. I've always dreamed about making it big in the rock music industry, but that has never come easy. But in the end, it's all about the love for rock and roll and playing rock and roll with zero f***s given!

Our music career can be summed like this: Patrick started out as a fan of rock music and then he went out and bought a guitar and amp. Then he began playing music with a few friends in a garage band. Making a bunch of random sh*** and recording some actually decent songs on a computer. And because everything is all digital now, we put ourselves out there on the Internet. If they were lucky and have it all together...They would get to play a show at a bar/club here in the Bay Area.

Basically, we're a garage band making some ratchet noise here in San Francisco. But with the power of social-media, there's people from Hong Kong all the way to Latin America who listened to The Steel Lions on Spotify.

My music is the Patrick Lew Band/Steel Lions. And right now, you are reading my story on social-media.

Please to meet all of you.


Garage Punk / Electronic / Rock / J-Rock / Hard Rock

Band Members?
Patrick Lew: Guitar/Vocals
Madeline Lew: Backing Tracks
David Arceo: Drums

Taipei, Taiwan

Record Label?
The Promised Land Recordings













Why this name?
Patrick: PLB's offshoot/spin-off The Steel Lions was originally named Heavy Sigma. At one point, it was called Chaos In Chinatown because some former friend on Facebook recommended it. But I dropped the name fast out of respect for Chinese people.

The origin of the Heavy Sigma name is still a mystery to people. Some say it was a diss towards some guy and his former band who gave me crap years back who shall remain anonymous. Some say it was a GI Joe reference. Others believe I was high off my ass and just named it that without much thought!

But I hated the old name for illegitimate reasons looking back.

The name Steel Lions came from two hair metal bands from the 80's: Steelheart and White Lion.
Do you play live?
Patrick: I've had some experience with live performing as a member of Patrick Lew Band between 2009 to 2012 and filling in on bass for the SF punk band The Tortured for two gigs in 2016. But 95% of my musical output and creative process is at my home recording studio in good ol San Francisco. Where me and my friends is often jamming and throwing our own garage band party. And of course, we would be recording here too as well. Most of the time, I'm the type of artist who focuses solely on recording and putting myself out there on social-media. Guess I got that influence from The Beatles.

The Patrick Lew Band has never toured outside of the San Francisco Bay Area even if I have some fans outside of NorCal. Lol. Most of the time. Live shows for Patrick Lew Band are often sporadic and intermittent.

David: I think there's one show we did back in 2013. We played at the Mama Art Cafe.

Madeline: We don't really play shows much, but we do jam and play music a lot in our garage.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Patrick: You're hearing us right now. That's how! But the little fish in the little pond can finally get themselves heard and put themselves more out there than they could have imagined. A lot of my friends know more about good music now because of the Internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Patrick: I will never sign with another label again. Ever! I'm keeping myself independent as a musician. Seeing where it goes from here since technology opened up many different possibilities to put ourselves out there. That's why we created our own label, The Promised Land Recordings. To have 100% ownership over everything we do and do the business ourselves.

David: No. We're keeping ourselves underground.

Madeline: It depends. Maybe. We'll see!
Band History:
The Steel Lions was an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 2011. The group consisted of guitarist and vocalist Patrick Lew and drummer David Arceo from the Patrick Lew Band. Patrick Lew’s alter ego Madeline Lew later joined the duo as a “ghost” DJ. Lew created the project to pursue more experimental and darker ideas he felt unsuited with his work at the time with Patrick Lew Band. The Steel Lions was partially inspired and intended as a homage to Nirvana, Oasis, Bon Jovi and Mother Love Bone.

The band’s eponymous debut, Taiwanese Rebel: The Fall and Rise of an Anti-Hero, was recorded in mid 2012 in quick fashion in a more DIY spirit. ANN Records issued and licensed the band’s album later that year, which The Steel Lions peaked on the East Contra Costa County rock charts on ReverbNation at number 1. A non-sanctioned tour was planned for early to mid 2013. However, Lew’s marital problems with his then-fiancee Faith, the indefinite hiatus of Patrick Lew Band and a growing number of heat on social-media prevented The Steel Lions from touring. The Steel Lions created unresolved tension and estrangement between Lew and his former bandmates David Hunter and Greg Lynch from Patrick Lew Band and inevitably influenced Lew and Lynch to announce the band’s hiatus. After taking a break from the music scene for a few years, Lew later rebooted Patrick Lew Band with Arceo in early 2015 and began working with former Distorted Harmony drummer Erick Salazar in the studio to collaborate and make new music with Steel Lions. Releasing the more introspective and anthemic hard rock based album Unfinished Relics on May 12, 2016.

Lew discontinued The Steel Lions in early 2017, considering the project to have served its purpose as Lew was now touring and recording with TheVerse and the rebooted Patrick Lew Band. However, the revived Patrick Lew Band has been described as a continuation of The Steel Lions.
Your influences?
Nirvana * Pearl Jam * Green Day * Blink 182 * Mother Love Bone * Guns N Roses * Tesla * U2 * The Beatles * The Fall * Def Leppard * Bon Jovi * The White Stripes * Silverchair * Dead Kennedys * Metallica * The Sex Pistols * Oasis * The Stone Roses * Jim Johnston * Steve Vai * Coheed and Cambria * The Rolling Stones
Favorite spot?
Our home recording studio in San Francisco. Where we run our band and business.
Equipment used:
Epiphone Les Paul
Excel Stratocaster

Rogue SX100B

Vox AD50VT
Fender 25R Frontman

Boss Turbo Distortion DS-2
Digitech RP50 Multi-Effects

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3

2008 iMac
2014 MacBook Air
Apple Logic Pro X
Apple GarageBand
Cheap USB Guitar Recording Interface
LogiTech USB Microphone
Apple MainStage 3
New Album!
Heavy Sigma EP Oddities
Taiwanese Rebel LP (2012)
It's a wig.
Forthcoming CD
I have a TV in my bedroom!
Memories circa 2001
Mr. Cat!
I just want to get heard...
706 and strong for Patrick Lew!
Where I want to live one day.
What I really do?
New album.
We're the anarchists.
Official Patrick Lew website online
Could be the last time I'm number one...
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