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SouthernLogic is the brainchild of Free Agent Recording Artist & Musician Neal Allen. Started in early 2001 this Solo Project has been Neal's full dedication. Neal is a Proud Member of the Evo;R Group of Free Agent Musicians. Demo CD's are available to all interested A & R professionals.......


He write's in a variety of Genres and styles depending on the mood of the day. Neal composes with his Guitar and an Roland Fantom-S Music Workstation. The SouthernLogic Project is currently open for local booking in the Southern Vermont area.

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Why this name?
I was a Yankee who moved South to Avoid the cold, now I'm back in Vermont.
Do you play live?
Yeah, I had been playing gigs locally in the Columbia SC Area. I feel playing live is where it's really at because you can interact with your listeners
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that any artist wishing to distribute his music freely should be able to do so unhindered, but I also see the need to protect the copyrights of the artist. It is my hope that the internet will remain open and that internet broadcasts will be able to bring recognition to the wide array of talent yet unheard by the public without infringing on the rights of those trying to protect their works.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Do fish need water? I think the ultimate goal for most artists is a major label signing them. I'm always hoping an Independent will pick me up soon so I can get a bit more exposure for my work. So all you Independent Label owners out there, email me and lets talk!
Band History:
Still trying to make history as I go. I started first releasing some of my music to the public through my website on IUMA but then I found this wonderful Site and they have treated me and my music with the best support anyone could wish for. The team & musicians that make up Soundclick are truely beyond compare.
Your influences?
I'm into bands like Thompson Twins, Eve6, as well as classics such as Genesis, Floyd, and most of the 80's sounds such as Depeche Mode, Human League, and the older works of U2, Favorite song is " Into the Heart of a Child " by U2 off the "Boy" Album, and favorite Acoustic song would be "Neon" by John Mayor
Favorite spot?
Chester, Vermont
Equipment used:
Roland Fantom-S, Acoustic Guitar
Anything else...?
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