Fabio Keiner
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play hi-fi  spring meditation 06
play hi-fi  generative piano 08 (pour elise)
play hi-fi  generative piano 06
play hi-fi  generative piano 01
play hi-fi  gong works 04
play hi-fi  minimal 04
play hi-fi  minimal 03
play hi-fi  spherion 06
play hi-fi  resonant redundancies 04
play hi-fi  humanoid 08
it's me, myself and I
'I've come alone
I'll leave alone
and meantime I'll be alone
all night and day'
(zen wisdom)
Why this name?
because it's mine. fabio sounds nice, doesn't it?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I hope, the net will kill music industry. no need for fat profits: listen and pay directly; play and receive (hopefully:). it's a bit like in the middle ages, when artists had to perform in the streets or in inns - only with the difference, that now our town is the whole planet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maybe. nobody ever did ask me
Band History:
my history is short: started mixing and reworking two years ago; some stuff was presented at mp3.com and at vitaminic's.
Your influences?
from windharps to robert rich and from overtone singing to the virtual singer and fractal composing. actually I try to learn some cello-sampling.
Favorite spot?
if I had one in the universe, I'll be there
Equipment used:
the poorest one: acid soundforge, melody assistant, nero-sound editor...:)
Anything else...?
listen to the wind
it will teach you listening
close your eyes and imagine the sound
whch makes one hand
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