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The Over My Head Original Soundtrack - A.H. Scott
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04/25/12 @ 10:29 AM     post a comment
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The Over My Head Original Soundtrack
(music inspired by the novel, 'Over My Head)
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Why this name?
I'm A.H. Scott.

And, I am NOT a singer.

I AM a poetic stylist.

And, I felt this opportunity at SoundClick is a wonderful way to explore another venue for unveiling my work to the public.

I know I can barely hold a note. But, if anyone who listens to any of my tracks finds even the tiniest bit of interest in the lyrics and emotion I sing and write with, then please take a few moments and peruse a sample of my further writings at my website - A.H. Scott. At my website, you can download a lengthy portion of many of my writings, including "Over My Head". Also online, you can read a sample of "Over My Head' at Smashwords - Smashwords "Over My Head.

Hey, my name is A.H. Scott and thanks so much for checking me out and listening to my grooves.......
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Wow, the internet has made production of music and every other entity in the entertainment industry so much easier. If I had to try to get my work out there to the public in the old fashioned way, then you wouldn't be seeing my profile and audio tracks right now. I mean, I am just a grain of sand on a beach of infinity. But, now everything is ALMOST equal for anyone with a dream and a little know how of getting around cyberspace.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
A major record label would never see me as a singer or spoken word artist. I know my own abilities. And, being blunt, I am not the solo artist standing in spotlight on a stage. But, we all can dream (even me..ha,ha,ha).....
Band History:
I'm a one woman band.

My motto is "Keep It Simple "..:)
Your influences?
I've always had a special level of admiration for the singer-songwriter. Not knocking those who perform only. But, I feel if you can actually write your own melody and words onto a page; then that's what hooks me as a listener. Rodgers and Hart (and Hammerstien), King and Goffen, Weil and Mann, Lennon and McCartney, John and Taupin, Holland-Dozier-Holland, and so many other pairings in the musical sphere have been so influential to me over the years. And, that is both in music and poetry.

Now, from that side of the ledger, I turn to jazz, country, soul, folk, funk, classical, baroque, heavy metal, thrash, punk, electronica, dance, salsa, rockabilly, ballads, broadway, opera, hip-hop, Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, new age, and SO many others....(too many to list here)
Equipment used:
Pen, paper, computer, voice......BRAIN...
Anything else...?
I guess all I would have to say in closing is something that goes back to the dedication I made for "The Over My Head Soundtrack", which suits best what I'd like to express to anyone who sees my work here.

"I dedicate this work to all who find their own path in this world". - A.H. Scott

And, to everybody who has a dream of making something blossom in this world, I leave you with this :

"If you can dream it, you can feel it. If you can feel it, then your dream is coming true." - A.H. Scott

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The Over My Head Original Soundtrack
The Over My Head Original Soundtrack Back
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