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The Curio Sideshow
NEWS   Justin Kase has been cleared of any wrong-doings in the nearly year old case of Boulder County vs. the Psyche Convention.
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play hi-fi  A Clear Night in LaHonda
play hi-fi  The Devil's Stomp
play hi-fi  Abusing You
play hi-fi  Entwined
We are the remnants of Dr. Head and the Psyche Convention. Monetary restraints and inter-conventional conflict tore the once beautiful project apart. It was bound to happen with such a diverse group of artists - and as necessary as fire on the plains. The devide left only the most creative and deadicated artists intact. All of the free-loaders were banished.

Our work is abstract in form and content. We work to convey a clear emotionality through nonconventional means. Soundscapes and gabber-like dance pieces are our main focus at present but a new direction is emanant. We are trying to recoup our losses from the days of the Convention - once regrouped we hope to bombard the system w/ an endless flow of ever changing art.

Why this name?
What else could you call a group of one armed midgets?
Do you play live?
Not recently altough plans are in the works.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps us spread...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For money...
Band History:
Check out Doctor Head and the Psyche Convention's page - it will explain.
Your influences?
the depest realms of the mind!
Favorite spot?
We simply are where ever we are.
Equipment used:
Records, tapes, microphones in obscure places, ripped off film sound, barfing, dying and chants. So Much - So disorganized. Korg poly 800, highly modified is my fave....
Anything else...?
don't ask unless you want to join.
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