V.I.C. aka Convic253tac
Shell Shock
New School
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play hi-fi  Gotta Get It-Vic,Greg Double,Thunderchief
play hi-fi  Aint So Hard-Greg Double,Mac Wayne,Vic
play hi-fi  WestCoast-Vic,Greg Double,Lil Gr3y By Fallen Beatz
play hi-fi  Everytime I Rhyme-Vic,Greg Double,(5/3)
play hi-fi  Dats Yo Azz-Yung Dre Dre,Vic
play hi-fi  Cold Ass World-Lil Gr3y,Greg Double,Vic
play hi-fi  Made Up-Uncle Moo,Greg Double,Vic,Tactical
play hi-fi  Designated Driver-Vic,Skrilla,Fitful Fire
play hi-fi  The Change Up-Vic,Greg Double
play hi-fi  Crucify Me-Skrilla,Lost Soul The EmoKat,Vic
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