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NGXmusical Free Tracks Library Free to use for games, film, all commercial use.

Everything is free to use for anything you would like to use them for.Movie, games, video, student films, films, commercial, Tv, internet online marketing.Feel free to credit us but it is not a obligation.

NGXmusical is back and we are sorry for the inconvenience and absence we have had and we hope to regain your trust with a new fresh start.

At NGXmusical we wish to serve music for your projects needs for free use.We want to help the talented community to grow a greater talent.We believe by giving life creates life for that creates true value with many talents within this world.We know how it is important to the game creator's to have a verity of music supply's close by for TGC/others and that is free to use.That's why we're here for.We feel that it is needed to help and share our creativity to become greater.Even if we're not the best out there ,we at-least try to show our support towards everyone for their hard works which we believe they well deserve.

Imagine if we didn't have restriction over life, we would be limitless for our qualities of life.We wouldn't be looking for talented people because we would have many talents in every directions.

Also feel free to support us at NGXmusical by Donation to paypal if you would like to have a higher quality works

Thanks for your support.

Music created by NGXmusical
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play hi-fi  Distorted Mission
play hi-fi  The Great Ape Ascape
play hi-fi  Kung Fu Masters
play hi-fi  Crazy Stripes
play hi-fi  Masters Of The Clock
play hi-fi  Masters Of The Clock "Loopable"
play hi-fi  Chickmunks of Christmas
play hi-fi  Mysterious Kid With Amazing Powers .loopable
play hi-fi  Mysterious Kid With Amazing Powers
play hi-fi  In The Greatest Moments V2
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