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We are the same people that are in another band, The Happies. This is our experimental/lo-fi outlet where the songs are a little more raw. Most of us lived in Northern New Jersey at some point, but we now live around the country (New York, Salt Lake City, Chicago, . . .). We each record indivdually and together when we can. We experiment with a wide variety of sounds, but most is lo-fi indie/alternative with a decent amount of folk thrown in. We want our music to be free to the masses (although the mass of people that actually wants our music is rather small at the moment), so download it, burn your own cds, share it with your friends, use it as background music for that school project you're working on--whatever.

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Free downloads of some old Unhappies music that mostly pre-dates Pop My Zit, is available HERE.
Why this name?
Since our other band is called The Happies, doesn't it just make sense?
Do you play live?
We're pretty much a studio band. But if you go to a Happies show in Salt lake City and request Big Booty, I bet they'd play it for you.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Would any record label actually WANT to sign us? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. The Happies, however, are on Eden's Watchtower.
Band History:
When Miles was 7 or 8 he played songs on the piano with his brothers and they were called the Vitamin Balloons. In high school he picked up Aaron and some other friends and they cranked out hundreds of songs and three albums (all homemade on a VestaFire 4-track) under the name VMD (Veteran Medical Doctors).

In college and grad school we picked up Pat, Al, Allison, and many others--Nate and Hoody (from the Vitamin Balloons) joined back in the fun too. We played for a while as The Big Fuzzy Moo-Moo's until we finally settled on the name The Happies. We still pick up random friends and musicians on our songs all the time. So you never really know who you're going to get on each song.

Once we got selective about which of our songs we wanted to attribute to the Happies, we realized that we had a lot of experimental, lo-fi, and funny stuff that needed to be heard somehow. That's when The Unhappies were born.
Your influences?
Stereolab, Pinback, They Might Be Giants, Sebadoh, Pixies, and many many more.
Favorite spot?
Miles-100 So. Salt Lake City (going downhill)
Aaron- 41o 08.036’ N, 72o 52.730’ W
Equipment used:
Tascam analog 4-track
Roland Digital 8-track