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DJ Optimus
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DJ Optimus is an Olympia/Seattle area DJ layin down the art of Hard Jungle and Breakcore the way it should be, Hard and fast. His demos and mixes have caught the attention of a few of the Elite DJ's that the US has to offer including Reid Speed, Donauld Gluade, DJ Flave, and others....His most Recent Performance was at Dynamo Dynasty where he started his CD Release tour for the CD Dekonstruct which will be available as of the 15th of April 2002.
Why this name?
The name was actually given to me by a friend because of a record that i used to mix that has a transformers sample in it.
Do you play live?
Yes I play live. Mainly in the Seattle area but I was informed by a friend of mine that her promotors will probably have me in New York and California by this summer. As far as liking it....I love it it is the most thrilling thing when you are in front 900 people at a club. As far as special moments go.....you don't have enough space for me to tell them all :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It definitly makes it alot easier for DJ's and promotors to maintain a decent level of marketing with each other it has been very good for industry i think...(unless your into Audio Piracy...in which case you suck)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm not to sure. I really respect the fact that for years the scene has managed to stay somewhat low key...I just feel that if I were to sign...then maybe them wanting me to play all over would interfere with me wanting to play semi local for my friends and the people who made me who I am.....
Your influences?
Reid SPeed and Naha are my biggest musical influences
Favorite spot?
my favorite city would have to be....emmmm thats tough but I think that San Diego is way Phat
Equipment used:
Turntables, mixers the works......lol
Anything else...?
DJ Optimus Give shouts out to the following- Reid Speed, NAHA, SHiE, all you guys at Platinum Records and F-8, Joeseph Devin and Green Fridge Records, Aaron Simpson, DJ Flave, DJ Versatile, JD Funk, Megaman, Atae for tryin to help me get the hooks in Alaska...you rawk!!! Mom and the rest of my family and God