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This project is for personal entertainment only, and has no affiliation with Cartoon Network or Grigon Entertainment.
All related characters, images and logos are the registered trademarks, and sole property of Cartoon Network & Grigon Entertainment.

Music composed, performed, and produced by;

GinNger SparklezZz


Steve Smith

Mike Bennett

Morten Gjermundsen

Bruce Elliott

Michael Duran

The story, prior to the Future being removed..

Planet Fusion, ruled by the evil Fuse, has traveled throughout the galaxy for millennia, devastating and absorbing countless planets and civilizations, creating evil copies of everything it absorbs, and its next target will be the planet Earth, specifically the Cartoon Network universe.
Now the player must join forces with the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe (both past and present) to save the planet and defeat their common enemy Fuse.

When first beginning FusionFall the player is thrown into the future due to an error caused by Dee Dee while testing Dexter's time machine.

The player learns that Fuse has almost destroyed the world, and is given a short tutorial with Computress, Ben Tennyson, and Numbuh Five, on the basics of playing the game, such as running, jumping, looking around, and fighting.

After the tutorial, the player is given a Lightning Gun rifle and is thrust into the middle of the battle of Tech Square, where many FusionFall heroes are fighting for what's left of Tech Square.
The player must defeat three Fusion Spawns and a Cyberus, and then complete two training missions.
The first one involves defeating an Oil Ogre transmitting information to Fuse and retrieving the transmitter for Numbuh Two.
The second one is a Nano mission.
Buttercup explains about infected zones, shows you how to warp in and find Fusion Lairs, and helps save Dexter, who remembers you from the time machine.
Then, together, you fight Fusion Buttercup and earn your first nano - Buttercup.
After warping out of the Fusion Lair, the player lands on top of Dexter's house, where a Tech Wing stands in the way of you getting out.
The player then must use the Buttercup nano to stun the Tech Wing, before narrowly escaping Tech Square as it sinks into the Fusion Matter,
taking many heroes with it, including Blossom, Bubbles, Numbuh One, Ben Tennyson, Dexter, and Larry 3000.
Dexter sends a final message to his floating ship, where the heroes, including Buttercup, Numbuh Two, Numbuh Five, and Samurai Jack, have escaped.
Dexter informs the player that he is "fine" and that they must repair the time machine to stop Fuses' invasion from the past.
Still in the Future, the player completes several missions for various characters before assembling a time machine with the help of several heroes, and uses Dexter's Time Lab to be warped into the past after earning their level 4 nano.

..Of course.. Since the Future has now been removed..
All players residing in the Future were transported to Sector V in the Past, and that is what happens when you go mucking about with time machines..

Training and initiation will now begin at stage one of The Academy, The Null Void.

DexLabs, the Plumbers and Providence have joined forces to create this training evironment.
All FusionFall players now begin here, replacing the Future as the "new beginning" of the game.
The training academy includes three main areas:
the Null Void,
the Providence HQ Containment Area (sometimes called the "Petting Zoo"),
and finally, Mt. Neverest.
The four heroes who help you through training are Ben, Finn, Lance, and Rex.
And the three Nanos received throughout training include Finn, Rex, and Alien X.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
With members on the U.S. West coast, East coast, Gulf coast, England, and Norway, a project like this would be impossible without the Internet
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