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the super kid (US)
Going Crazy (B1G1 Wav, Premium, Unlimited)
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play hi-fi  rockin bells
play hi-fi  insanity
play hi-fi  fast car blues
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play hi-fi  3 piece.mp3
play hi-fi  I'm a believer.mp3
play hi-fi  inspiration 192417
play hi-fi  big come back.mp3
play hi-fi  things we said today.mp3
play hi-fi  slide..mp3
Why this name?
I'm on the fender guitar forum as skcoppertele.sk = super kid.the name just stuck.
Your influences?
the beatles,elvis,and motown.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
oh boy........a fender mustangII amp,fender bassman 60 amp,"home brew" strat (main axe),fender copper burst MIM tele,squier mini,overly modded jayjr acoustic,kramer DMZ 6000B (main bass),short scale sammic bass,audix i5 mics,MXL 990 and 991 condenser mics,mackie 1604 vlz mixer,unknown behringer mixer,too many cables to count,m-audio interface,casio keyboard,ableton live lite.

some gear
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