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Christian Pacaud
NEWS   07/23: As of today, my song "Bend" made it as a featured song on Gods of Music (link below) ! YAY ! More exposure ! As if anyone read this pop-up anyway... wink ;)

Please take a minute to visit Gods of Music ( It is a great music review website and they've written a great review of my progressive song "Bend" ( that ended up being pretty much positive !
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I barely update this webpage anymore. If you stumbled upon this, please allow me to redirect you to my new website at
Band History:
(Complete résumé available on my new website -

Here's some of the many projects I've composed music for:

Archaean (2001-2002, An MMORPG)
Shadows of Winter (2002-2003 / 2004, A Dungeon Siege mod, brought back from its ashes to be completed for HL2 -
The Glory of Istar (2003 - A Baldur's Gate mod set in the Dragonlance setting -
...And right now:
An RPG project from Saint Studios (
Music for N2-GAME (
Sigma Triad (
Return to Mana (
Xenogears Light | an arranged album (A piano arrangement album from Square's famous RPG Xenogears, on sale at
and more...

Your influences?
Rock - Bands like Yes, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Motorpsycho, Radiohead, Pain of Salvation...
Classical - Stravinsky, Mahler, Hindemith, film composers (this is inevitable...) like Danny Elfman, David Arnold, Elliot Goldenthal, many more...
Also, great game music composers like Jeremy Soule, Yasunori Mitsuda...
Anything else...?
Visit the Saint Studios official website !

You can find a WIP version of my new webiste at

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