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*TRY TO ROB ME* Meek Mill mixed w/ Trap Type Beat
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Mistah Chopper feat Swissa Sweet-Spiritual Soulja
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Tony Fadd
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Its just Me. Mistah Chopper AKA Baby Chopper.If u wanna collab or get down,hit me up.serious inquiries only.

Why this name?
I was reading a Faith to Faith book one morning in my cubicle before work and I came across the devotional that said Sin Stained or Blood Washed? and Blood Washed just stuck out and stuck with me until now.Plus I gave my life back over to Christ.
Do you play live?
Not at the moment but I will if given opportunity
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes but Id rather have my own label
Band History:
I was once known to my local and Soundclick fans as Baby Chopper

After I had to go away for 6 yrs to do a 10 year sentence for robbery,God dealt with me on my attitude and the life I was living and the type of music I was doing was worshipping the devil so I had to change it up and clean it and after Tre-9 and Von Won and Trevor Lee from Pro-Claim Ministries and Mike Barber ministries came to the prison to perform for us,they was even more motivation.

I've always liked Rock music and I started to write a rock album.I thought I was satisfied with it but as it got close for my release God dealt with me on the issue of my music one night and that I was being a hypocrite doing death metal and then saying I was a Christian.So every song that I had written in my notebook,I tore it out and trashed it and started over from scratch.I had less than 40 sheets of paper left so I wrote small to stretch it.Since ive been home ive been in the booth just recording and doing this positive music for God and his people.

I still talk to my old homeboys that I was in the clique with tho I dont do the things I use to do with them no more.They still my homies and they didnt influence me to do anything.We was homebois beyond the music stuff.So aint no love lost,they respect what Im doing with my life.But I gotta make the right choices in my life to do me in regards to this music stuff.I have a 4 yr old nephew that looks up to me and I gotta set a good example for him the best way I can.
Your influences?
God,Michael Jackson,2pac,Bone Thugs,Lil Boosie,UGK,Thisl,Lecrae,Creed,Anberlin,Switch Foot,P.O.D., Korn,Stone Sour,Three Days Grace,The Letter Black,Flyleaf,Paramore,Evans Blue,Chevelle,Metallica,Slipknot,I.C.P.,
Favorite spot?
Paris my hometown,Mount Pisgah Baptist Church on 5th and Tudor street,Grandmothers house for thanksgiving and christmas,studio late at night,Dallas,Houston,Louisiana.
Equipment used:
keyboard,mic,cool edit pro
Anything else...?
God bless you all.

in the booth late nite
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