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"zenpool" is the umbrella name for projects
by seattle's carl kirkendall,solos,collaborations,
full band.
zenpool has made a large and unusual dent in the internet music scene, having hit 23 # 1 tunes
in diverse genres from progressive rock,
classical, world, newage and electronic.
this year kirk has been joined by brit
guitar ace steve hall(also of "the questionnaires")and has begun moving in a decidedly progressive rock direction.
they've dubbed what they do as "soundtrack rock".
Why this name?
no explanation neccessary.
Do you play live?
we're currently a "virtual band"
w/ international members.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
producer ted(bob dylan,ringo,joe cocker)perlman
on "the north shore of heaven"-

"That song sounds awesome! Real Georgio Moroder-type synth sounds. Absolutely
great - I loved it.
Where are you located anyway?


Ted Perlman
Producer, Arranger, Composer

Your influences?
the great progressive/symphonic/art rock
bands of the 70's, vangelis.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
sonar 3 producer,acid 4, sound forge 7-
a room full of keys ranging from a korg karma
w/ orch. expansions to a 1956 hammond
Anything else...?
founder of the multi-site "artists for peace"
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