More Than Enough
"Getting more than enough when you dealing with me...I got more than enough" For more beats that are not available on the website and you want to hear snippets or samples of the music EMAIL DareRowe@gmail.com
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The Buddaheads are a progressive bluesrock band
formally on RCA records.fronted by singer songwriter
ALAN(BB Chung King) MIRIKITANI.Considered to be one of the best guitar player singers in all of
southern california.BB also writes songs with his songwriting partner of 10yrs.,Grammy and Handy
award winner Dennis Walker(also discovered and produced,Robert Cray).Many of there songs can be
heard by other artists such as Shemeca Copland,Coco Montoya,Bettee Lavettee,just to name a few.
The Buddaheads consist of some of the best and well known musicians in LA. Currently on drums,Lee Spath(played on many of the Cray tracks)
and on bass,Johnny Griparic(The Cult,Slash's Snakepit,)other musicians guesting with the band live
or in the studio are Gerald Johnson-bass(all the great Steve Miller tracks,Pointer Sisters,CSNY,Dave Mason,ok he's a legend!) Alvino Bennet-drums(LTD,Chaka Caun,Stevie Wonder,Robin Trower,ext.)
BB owns and operates his own recording studio
and allows the Buddaheads to experiment and create
top quality songs and recordings.Because BB also has a publishing deal with Windswept Pacific,many of the Buddaheads songs can be heard in movies such as My Cousin Vinny,Heaven and Earth,Contact ,to name a few.)BB's acting debut can also be seen in the movie,
Boys on the Side,starring Woopie Goldberg.
If you like your Blues to Rock,if you like good songs with blazing guitars , this is the band for you!
Why this name?
Buddaheads is a term used by the 442nd army infantry,made up of all japanese americans during
WW2(the most highly decorated infantry in the history of America) .It is a name they used to affectionally call each other.BB's uncle Ugi was in the 442nd.
Do you play live?
The Buddaheads play constantly and are now getting ready for their european tour this summer(2004).Every show is different because of the free form improvisational jams incorporated in every show.this band puts in 110 % without fail!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
This format allows musicians the ability to do what they do best without the interuption of the record industry
executives(lawyers.and general idiots)Gives the Musician the platform and exposer they deserve
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Lets put it this way,I still owe RCA money,but i am makin money doing it on the net!!!
Your influences?
the 3 Kings(BB,Freddy,Albert) Hubert Summland,Curtis Mayfield,Hendrix,The Black Keys,
Favorite spot?
My Home
Equipment used:
Fender,Marshall amps,Fender,Martin and Gibson guitars
pedals tweeked by Analogman, and the money pit of all time,RECORDING GEAR TO INFINITY!!!!!!!
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