Majestic Drama
Never Gon Let You Go (W/ HOOK) *Eminem/RIRi*
Instrumentals with Hooks
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DGBeats (MRLR)
W.A.V.E.S (DG x MOE) *NEW*
Beats General
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play hi-fi  7STAR - AFTERGLOW - classic beats
play hi-fi  7STAR - TONIGHT - livin' the life
play hi-fi  7STAR - HOUSE PARTY - superbass
play hi-fi  7STAR - PARTY ALL NIGHT - undefeated
play hi-fi  7STAR - FLAWLESS - get the girl
play hi-fi  7STAR - BLAZE - as real as it gets
play hi-fi  ROCK ALL NIGHT - never too late - (FREE DL)
play hi-fi  7STAR - ON THE MOON - strapped
play hi-fi  7STAR - SUPERCRAZY - lmao
play hi-fi  7STAR - FALL IN LOVE - summer anthem
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