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electric guitarist and hobbyist musician in the process of recording an album in my apartment with a Macintosh.
Why this name?
it's the name my parents gave me. It's good enough for me.
Do you play live?
I used to play live, but I gave up after too much band politics and not getting many of my ideas across. However, get me with some like-minded musicans and watch sparks fly! My favorite live experience was getting up to jam with Paul Gilbert (guitarist best known for Mr. Big and Racer X) at a clinic a number of years ago. I'm not a killer shredder, but that jam was so fun.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it's certainly made it easier for new musicians to post up ideas and tracks for music lovers and musicians to critique and enjoy, it makes for good feedback on improving your ideas. And I'm excited by the possibilities of distribution of music via services like iTunes.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would definitely consider it. But I would definitely want to make sure I have a good entertainment lawyer to go over the contract so I could have creative control and an idea of where the cash flow is going. And I'd want to keep my own publishing....
Band History:
Born in 1960. Didn't think I would amount to anything until 17 years later when I picked up a guitar for the first time and discovered I had an aptitude for it. Played in a number of bands you've never heard of like Once Over Twice and Cinnamon in Western Canada in the early eighties, but a move to Toronto scared me real bad over the level of musicianship. It was five years ago that I began getting back into playing and recording, especially when I got a Macintosh. Now I'm having fun and hopefully getting together enough material to put out an album recorded in my apartment.
Your influences?
the big influence on me to get going on guitar was Brian May of Queen, but over the years I've had the pleasure of listening to guys like Joe Satriani, Hendrix and Jeff Beck. But I'm a musical omnivore who generally likes almost anything that comes along, and love throwing curve balls.
Favorite spot?
London England - the city is just so amazing and has centuries of history. And a lot of my favorite artists either lived there or gravitated there.
Equipment used:
Peavey Horizon II guitar. Peavey Falcon guitar. Fender Highway 1 Strat HSS. Peavey Wolfgang Special ST. Peavey Millennium BXP. Apple Power Mac G4 MDD running Cubase Studio 4 with a variety of freeware and pro VST plug-ins, Apple GarageBand. Peavey Classic 50 amp. Digitech RP-250 amp modeler. Yamaha DX7s keyboard. Roland GM-70 Guitar-To-MIDI Convertor. Behringer UB1204 Pro mixer. Radio Shack bookshelf speakers.
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